WCL IV | 6 teams with a common goal |


After completion of emotional cycle of World Cricket League where some promising cricketing nations were pushed backward from their World Cup’s dream with narrow defeat. They worked hard and dreamed high, but ICC’s cruel pathway setback their dream. They worked hard and practice relentlessly for couple of years and took them to the position from where they were sighting their dreams but a narrow defeat destroyed all of their dreams. Canada was the prime victim of this cruel pathway.

But leaving all these stories, they again should continue their same cycle. Cricket’s pundits are expecting some brand changes to define the future of associate nations. So keeping faith and hope, they should again pad up and tie their shoe’s lac to continue the same cycle.

ICC World Cricket League (WCL) Division IV is around the corner. 6 teams will battle it out with eyeing a spot in ICC WCL division III. All of their common goal must be to hold on top two spot. 8 days long competition will commence from 29th April. Denmark and Bermuda remained constant on Division IV on the virtue of theirs last edition result, as they claimed 3rd and 4th place respectively. Jersey and Vanuatu promoted to Division IV as they were top two spot’s holder in last edition of WCL Division V. Likewise, Uganda and host Malaysia confirmed their demotion with poor show in Division III, claiming 5th and 6th position respectively.

With recent heroic and highly appreciated show from associate nations, they are seeking world’s attention. Most of cricketing fans are showing their interest in associate’s tournament. We turned our head towards Yashasvi Raj Pant (@Yashasviii) (die-hard cricket fans and our well-wisher) from Nepal, to collect his thought about this competition.


What you are looking from this tournament and are you expecting any sides among them to uplift themselves to the maximum height?

  • Well, division games are always exciting. They are the only guaranteed 50 over games for associates(especially lower tiered). I am expecting some tight and thrilling matches like we had seen in recent Division II tournament in Division IV as well.
    All the sides of division IV seem to be promising and competitive. I am personally expecting as well as wishing Uganda to make it further big. They have mostly homegrown players and definitely have great potentials. They have given our team(Nepal) hard times on many occasions. It’s sad to see their decline currently but I personally think they can rise again to make it big.


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