About Us

First Step Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is a sports management company dedicated to cricket and cricketing events. It is fully concerned with cricket-related activities and aims to work as a brand for developing good cricket culture in Nepal. It thrives as a brand that will help cricket lovers to get in touch with cricketing materials, equipment, news, views as well as built cricketing environment all over the nation.

Cricket Concern will be a part of the aim as it has been seeded as an idea of digitally promoting cricket and cricketers all over the world. Cricket Concern which will be presented as a magazine is the sole idea of First Step Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

Our team of writers, developers, sponsors, and readers have motivated us to come with something unique and honest concept that includes various cricketing sections under one website or a hard copy that has never been into practice in Nepal.

The articles that will be published or the work that will be presented will belong to the team of Cricket Concern and First Step Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 

We would like to assure our viewers and readers to get ready for a great experience of learning and the following cricket all over the world. We would love to take Nepali cricket to the world and bring world cricket to Nepal via our medium.

First Step Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.