Emotion of big dreamers from small city | Damak Super Six


Damak Super Six 2018 commenced today as we witnessed some quality cricket on day 1 of 2 days long tournament.

Literally, it was just a inter-ward Super Six Tournament. But if you are not from Damak then, I swear  you won’t get what it mean to Damak’s cricket’s dreaming youth and cricket’s fans. Opening ceremony was supposed to start from 11am but we had observed discussion over the tournament’s contender and argument over tournament’s strongest side in outside located tea’s shop from early morning. Notable fans were eagerly waiting for the matches, sitting under a trees on shiny sunny afternoon. Trophies and medal were placed on top of table located on cemented stage. Organizers were rushing all round the park and giving their best input to take better output from the competition. Some highly respected representative from Jhapa district and Damak municipality were presented there and sitting under stage’s open roofed. All preparation had done and dusted on time and everyone turned there head toward stage when anchor spread his voice all round the ground to have everyone’s attention.

President of Damak municipality’s sport committe, Kendra Prasai and Taekwondo’s coach, Deepak Dhimal got honoured to lead the opening ceremony’s group with bat and ball in their respective hand.

Before commencement of first match, everyone in the ground stood on their feet and proudly sang Nepal’s national anthem. We had four encounters today which finalized the four semi-finalist. Ward no.4 and Ward no.7 will tussle it out in first semi-final encounter where ward no.1 and 3 will face each other on second semi-final. We hadn’t cover the news of day 1 but I’m signing off this page with the commitment to bring you every action from final day of the  very courageous tournament.


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