Chasing The Dreams | Nepali Cricket


We chased dreams and brought it back to reality. Struggle opens the door of opportunities, pain and hunger once realized turns seemingly unachievable aim a reality. Today we are in a proud state with hands holding the flag of this beautiful nation and our wall full of the picture of our heroes. They not only won the game of cricket but brought the name of this country in the tongue of the people of the west who might have pronounced very few times “Nepal”. Yes I am a proud Nepali in front of my old desktop with dust on my keyboard typing these precious words straight from my young fingers via my heart giving message to the others that chase the dreams you are living in and chase it until it yields something extravagant in your life.

We were the numbers which could be counted in fingers; we watched them play from ordinary cricket to one of the best in front of our eyes in our home. We won, lost and sometimes lost so badly that we threw stones at them but that stones gathered gold for our team and today we throw flowers, we make songs for them and we dance along with them because it’s all about loving this game. We not only supported them but given all of them some respect. We also did expect a bit but they did what we dreamed of. Today we are in the most golden era that Nepali sports have ever imagined. We are in the mega event along with the powerhouse of the world cricket. We are in the correct platform and we should perform at any cost. Giving performance doesn’t mean we must win rather we must give our 100%. We should aim high and keep ourselves calm and ready for any upcoming challenge. We must build out strength from our weakness and leave complaining about the situations. 

We must never forget our base from where we have built this monument and keep moving in the direction which would certainly make us reach even further to gain an ODI status and test crown. We can further develop our diminishing identity in the world.ICC world T20 qualifier is a beautiful past for Paras and his boys but ICC T20 world cup is a challenge to show the world our lion heart attitude inherited in us from our brave forefathers. Yesterday was beautiful and beauty is temporary but our mentality is permanent. All we need to do is take a positive attitude and collect bunch of good things out of losses and bunch of excellence from the win. Everyday a new hero can be born if trained wisely and correctly. A match lost teaches 7 good things than a match won. It teaches about our weakness, our timing, attitude, mistakes, downfall, decision and combination.If we walk in a highway we meet with bumps, jerks, and plain road as well as holes which teaches us to expect anything around our journey so is this beautiful game teaching everyday to us as a player as well as a spectator of the game. A good combination of we crowds and players have achieved what was never ever imagined. So let’s continue supporting this beautiful sport and our brave heroes.