Simplicity and composition are the greatest strength |Nepal Cricket Team


Simplicity is an adjective used to explain innocence. We are innocent in a sense that we know nothing more than playing a competitive game every day. We enter the final of two consecutive tournament and make to the final of both, not only we make to the final but also we become the winner of them. First we achieved division IV to enter division III and now its ACC Elite Cup2012.A cricketer field is a battle field for us. We don’t do unnecessary shouting’s rather than we simply play a silent game at first and start an uniform acceleration till the end from the mid over. In both bowling and bating we don’t depend upon a single players fielding and bowling changes are the most prominent thing that captain and coach has improved a lot since many games. Rotating the strike and backing up the players were the good features seen in the team.

Holding this key for Nepal are the four pillars of Nepali team. The simplicity of this experienced veteran players have the influenced the youngsters coming in the senior level and the environment in the dressing room have changed significantly. As coach Dasanaike mentioned.”I simply restore the confidence which was lacking in the team”. Nepalese mixture of youth and experienced have changed the mode of playing style in the team. They look a good and confidence team either batting 1st order 2nd. They are unplayable at times and the confidence level at current matches no associates/affiliated member have.

The team which lost momentum in the mid ways 3 to 4 years ago is currently running at the good form in all three departments an unbeaten win of division-IV aid their confidence sky high. With the confidence they entered ACC ELITE cup and with no surprise though as joint winner of the competition held their head high once again.

It’s not always that we can take all good things only. The bad things must also be pointed out and their lose confidence was seen against Kuwait in which the opponent counter attacked and hammered the entire bowler. That match did mark little bit poor decision making of few players. We missed a genuine fast bowler at times and now we should be proud that our irregular bowlers too did a very good job to make us win this competition. But excellence shown by Shakti Gauchan and Basanta Regmi with bat and ball in many occasion make us proud their combination with the ball make like difficult for all of the team.


Similarly the father- son combination of skipper Paras and Gyanendra always played vital knock for the team always coming up with huge partnership and between them one always scores till the end. Paras proved his captaincy with bowling and fielding skills as well.

With the cameo from Paras, Pradeep Airee, Sharad Veshwakar and Prithu Baskota even also charmed along with the sparkling middle order. As a whole all the member performed as a team and their combined efforts took us today at that level whier we were dreaming since long. This make our task a little easier but more challenges must be overcome now and this little wonderers which we are achieving would count a little bit more when we will grasp and ODI status and play in the upcoming 2015 ICC world cup. Best wishes to all the team members and long congralution to all the supports and citizen of Nepal .Proud to be a Nepali Cricket Fan.