Short story about Legend.

Hitting the ball out of the ground is not a cricket rather its a gentleman game—unknown””

What a same even to think that our hero who made us proud is not even in the picture as  a bench player. This is not what should happen to one of the most popular player of the game of cricket in Nepal. How much you advance in present but you can never erase the past glories. I won’t be upset if he was just kept as a bench player instead of some very weak names  available currently. Not only that if he was not selected or replaced by some good performers like Sagar Pun and Rajesh Pulami Magar and also by hasim Ansari. I won’t  complain anything about selector,but  look at them and their poor decision to pick Krishna karki and Prithu Baskota Instead of some quality performers. They are just having a monopoly in decision making and are not caring about what fans and some great players of cricket globally are saying.

They  are showing  their incapabilities and turning the glory of division four  into  some very difficult future for Nepali team.If we see the history of international cricket a legend when dropped from team has always been recalled as his team require him then more than ever as for instance:

In his return ,Coming in at 37/4, Ganguly scored 83 in a tour match against the rest of South Africa, modifying his original batting style and taking a middle-stump guard, resulting in India winning the match. During his first Test innings since his comeback, against South Africa in Johannesberg  his score of 51 helped India to victory, marking the first Test match win for the team in South Africa.Though India lost the series, Ganguly accumulated the most runs on the scoring chart. After his successful Test comeback he was recalled for the ODI team, as India played host to West Indies and Srilanka in back to back ODI tournaments. In his first ODI innings in almost two years, he scored a matchwinning 98. He performed well in both series, averaging almost 70 and won the Man of the Series Award against Sri Lanka.


So I don’t want the selectors of Nepal doing such a mistake what they have already done quiet often and would like  to request all the people to urge voice to bring back our hero;”The Saptari Tiger”.He is arguably the most popular Nepali  player.He is infact the terrific hard hitter and infact a genuine swing bowler.He  cannot be replaced by anyone even today when we are in an exceptional form with both bat,ball and field.

On Wednesday august 18 2010 he became the only Nepali player to claim 100+ wickets in an ODI.We should always be thankful to Mehboob Alam for all his glory and making our names in the record books as for instance the Historic Mozambique match where Alam bowled  7.5 overs 1 maiden 12 runs 10 wickets.Who can forget this match???i know no one even the worst criticizer can forget the glorious day and even today with the powerful search engines you go and search the world records it is always at the top above all.No one has ever got this feet no matter how great he is in International arena.He is the youngest player to take 10 wickets in an inning comparing at every form of the game.

To add to these records, he also has top three bowling performances in a match for his country and besides, he is a hard-hitting batsman who has scored 904 runs with an average of 21. His career hit of boundaries is 119, out of which 18 are sixes.

“Batting is a plus-point to my cricket,” he says. “If I had not been a batsman, I would have been out of the team long ago.” Mehboob modeled himself on former Pakistani great Wasim Akram and is a crowd favorite in Nepal. Such is a support to him by home crowd that the curator of TU Cricket Ground — the main cricket ground of the nation named an end on him.

So with all this record how can he be neglected or even dropped from the team.With this article I want to make light only one thing that legends must be respected and we should never neglect their past glory and records instead for the sake of whole nation and it’s pride we should make their presence felt to all the youngsters who would definitely be benifited by it.

I have a question to every lovers,fans and selectors of the Nation and National team that if this is a respect a player is receiving for his contribution to the nation and to the whole cricket family then what they have earn giving their whole  life as a cricketer ?.we all know that it too hard to sustain once life being a sportsman. A player plays sports till his mid twenties in Nepal after that he have to handle his life in different aspect, sport is not proffesion in Nepal and even if we talk about cricket is a great dream to live in house you earn being a cricketer  and give your faimily economically support as a result we are seeing different great players draining out for country in search of good livelihood,study and better at these stage we  have very few players who are still in nation struggling and even hoping to be forever, to play for the nation and its pride but what is missing to them is still a great question.Yes such a name is Mehboob Alam who wants to be in nation, playing for the national team but its a great blow to him and his dream-full carrer, knocking him out successively for the two seasons and introducing a new one without any exercise. He personally says “how can i prove if they didn’t give me any chance”. its a question to all “what if Parash Khadka will have the same pain tomorrow”? ,what if Basanta Regmi will go to middle east to earn his life and what if these all heroes who presently raise the head of whole country needs to struggle for food tomorrow???? no one knows if CAN can do this to Mehboob today then any one can be victim tomorrow, i don’t need that players in team who doesn’t play well, but i don’t even see him out of team if they didn’t gave him any chance.

Lets love Nepali Cricket and lets think about legends as well because we all are proud of our nation calling our self as Bir Gorkhali because of once Gorkhe have send back the english troops to their land so legend counts for the present and for the future as well.

Nepal and Nepali Cricket.