How can you win a game

Now talking particularly in cricket a win is something you play for. Something you dream of before the start and work on it during the play and finally achieve it after the game is finished. It’s not as easy to write yet not impossible too. Basically it’s a team game, every individual must impinge in one’s mind that it may be his contribution in any of the three departments that his team may win any game on any venue against any team. And that is what is called a spirit of the game. Cricket is a beautiful game and winning is just like devising a theory in physics until you make, it happen practically it sounds and looks ideal. But you should keep in mind that a win must be gain with some spirit which a game demands. Winning at any cost is not what we are looking at because it may be the root cause for all the ill-practices going on cricket currently. Winning is not being lucky, but is an act which you perform with your ability keeping in mind not to be weak in any sense. I think winning is not just being successful but being valuable. Your win is not just within yourself but to all of those who are concerned with you. Your win is a gift you get by your is what we achieve after a long struggle over period of time. It’s a quality that we often see or realize with the brave hearted person who holds a lifelong pain and makes struggle his strength. It can come in any form in any field with a surprise but in most of the cases when you deserve to win.

We must play a fair game and remember the flag and patriotism. The peoples want and desire must be kept in heart and they must try to meet their expectation thoroughly by playing a fair game. The more we cheat or illusively set ourselves in height we are sooner or later going to fall in a deep hole. This is conservation and it really happens in nature, all the players must accept it!  Thus a fair and struggled win is of great virtue than a readymade win which was set up before the stadium was opened.

Any team can be beaten in a day because every day is a new phase of time and there are equal opportunities to every one of us, it depends on how much an individual can hold. An opportunity never knocks the door twice. Some say catches win the matches, others a great batsman ship or a good start and rest of them a magical spell but I believe equal dedication in all of the mentioned departments make a win thoroughly professional or world-class. When Australia were beaten by Bangladesh in the year 2005 it was all due to tight bowling and fielding to wrap up Australia under 260 and then good batsman ship from Mohammad Ashraful and later on by Aftab ahmed when he smacked Gillespie for a six to seal the win for Bangladesh, they proved the statement I mentioned above. They beat the world champions then, so why can’t we beat India or Pakistan???Winning is also being bravery and who else then Australia knew yet they were beaten and beaten comprehensively.                                                                 There has been something fascinating about this game that it has been really unpredictable yet so beautiful that I feel it as having a holy bath in the religious river, when I describe about it. This time around I am explaining about the perspective which Nepalese cricketers can keep into their mind to win the upcoming mountain of the matches. A lot of enthusiasm and patience is required with the equal proportion of confidence and hunger to win and beat anyone who stands in front of Nepal. They must never judge themselves watching the opposition’s strength rather point out their own weakness and convert that into a strength, that is what Nepalese team require today. For instance, the U-19 team of Nepal must think about the weakness in batting department of every individual rather than keeping fear of the strength of Indian and other well established test playing nations. I just want to make Nepalese players to remember this quote as their main mantra. The quote is by Brett Lee, one of the world’s fastest bowler, he said, “one who have never throws a dice can never expect to get six”. So it’s the initiative that matters .you must have your accelerator and brakes on your control to have a smooth and fearless drive. That is what is require by our cricketers to stay smooth, fit and competitive in the upcoming major tournaments.

Being a Nepali and a great fan of Nepali cricket I believe our hearts is too beating very hard and our ears are very egger to hear the unexpected result we might bring against the better one in Asia cup. It has been a great time since we Nepalese are have prayed a lot to win a war and I have heard winning a war is different than winning a battle about which who can know better than us. This time we are in war through long battle and we hope our soldiers will bring us a great message of win over them who have been our great rivals in every field. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL THE PLAYERS AND SUPPORTERS OF THE GREAT WAR U-19 “ASIA CUP” 2012.