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Nepal is a beautiful country situated in southeast corner of the world with a very little landmass about 0.01%. It has got historical as well as natural resources to make it familiar to the existing world. It has got roof of Mount Everest, messenger of peace as Gautam Buddha, variation in landmarks and beautiful natural resources. This beautiful country is now making a remarkable success in sports such as cricket and football.


ACC Women’s Tournament,2007 Finalists, National Cricket has been developing in the recent years as a game of great hope and amusement. Now it is considered as very strong and unforgettable part of Nepalese sports. We can see gossips about the team in media, social networking sites and even in streets, which seems to be one of the great positive sign for the development of a game. Despite very little concern in economic aspects by the government, Nepalese cricket team in all level is making a good progress and showing their great effort in the game. Country’s national team is ranked as no 2 in southern non-test playing nation by Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in 2012. Below I have listed some of the achievement of National team at all level .


  • 2007 Winners, ACC U-19 Elite Cup
  • 2008 Plate Finalists, U/19 World Cup
  • 2008 Third, ICC World Cricket League Division 5
  • 2008 Winners, ACC U-19 Women’s Championship
  • 2009 Winners, ACC U-17 Elite Cup
  • 2009 Third, ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship
  • 2010 Winners, Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 5
  • 2010 Finalists, ACC U-16 Elite Cup
  • 2010 Finalists, ACC Trophy Elite
  • 2010 Winners, ACC U-19 Women’s Championship
  • 2011 Finalists, ACC U-19 Elite Cup
  • 2012 Winners, ACC U-19 Women’s Championship
  • 2012 Participants, ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier
  • 2012 Finalists, ACC U-16 Elite Cup
  • 2012    7th out of 16 in ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier
  • First in ACC Rankings for 2009 and 2010 seasons
  • Second in ACC Rankings for 2007 and 2008 seasons
  • 27th in ICC Global Rankings


Nepal is qualified for the first time in T20 world cup ICC qualifier (thankful to Hameed Sayed of Saudi Arab) and Nepalese team was thought to be the most weak team among the 16 team squad but the underestimated Nepali team gave a dead blow to those who thought them to be weak and a beautiful hope to well-wisher they ranked as no 7 at the end. Though team didn’t qualify for the T20 world cup, they really performed well and did awesome job in the league, they defeated world cup qualified team (13th rank by ICC) Kenya and has been as the headline in the local paper of Kenya for a week. This is one of the biggest achievements of the national side. This achievement gave a great impact on the world cricket.


The country’s documentary was shown in ESPN which also gave the supporters and local investor a new hope for its development. some of the result of impact are, all-rounder Shakti Gauchan who took 15 wickets in ICC T20 qualifier was invited in the IPL training camp of the Rajasthan royals where he got a chance to play with world class cricketer such as Rahul Dravid, Brad Hodge ,Ajinkya Rahane,Saun Tait the second achievement is unforgettable and given all Nepalese player a great hope for the commercialization of Nepalese cricket  . Skipper Paras Khadka was invited by Ontario cricket club and currently he is making a huge mark there. The players like Chandra Saud and Amrit Bhattarai invited to play from Sri Lanka U-23 and Guinness book recorder Mehboob Alam to play from US based club in Hudson. The help from the Pubundu Dashanaika (coach from the Nepalese side) is really respectable.


This development in Nepali cricket is giving a great hope for the upcoming generation and also has been a powerful medium for uniting the country in this critical state as we have seen more than 10 thousand fans and supporter in Division 5 and world T20 Qualifier held in Nepal. This game gave a new sunshine for the Nepalese supporter and also somewhat grabbed the concentration of international cricket society.




Nationwide awareness about cricket.Nepal is a poor country and it is struggling for basic need of the people,  as a result government has to pay very little attention on sports so it allocated  relatively lower budget for the development of cricket but the prominent issue than this is corruption and inactiveness of represented body such as Cricket Association Of Nepal(CAN). Most of the allocated money is being corrupted till it reaches to lower level, or more precisely they don’t even give great importance to sports rather they feel their thirst, so one (government) is ruled out. Now just remains CAN which is thought to be one of the most passive sporting association by fans and critics in Nepal.


They merely conduct a national level game in a year or so, their job have been only to select the players but not to make the players or not even to encourage them to play. Most people say that the players selection process is also unfair and corrupted one, Such as a player with no cricketing brain but with good relation with selectors will get a chance rather than a good and talented player. Despite the great efforts from all the players and well-wishers, Nepal didn’t succeeded in making a single International Standard ground where international cricket can be played or about which ICC could have a concern so that to organize some big game. I guess below listed points will give a great pace in the development of Nepalese national cricket.


  1. Fair and appreciable selection process leaving all sorts of corruption, blessing for relation etc.
  2. Organizing national crickets of all level in every part of the country, so as to bring young and talented youth in the national squad.
  3. Preparing the base level cricket such as U-16 stronger so as to make home production more powerful and also reduce the worry about the players in last hour or the academic development of cricket.
  4. Grabbing the concentration from the corporates so that cricket can be commercialized and hence players can earn from it so as to facilitate their living.
  5. Development of international level cricket ground so that international cricket can be organized such as UAE, Malaysia etc. is doing in the past years. These helps in promotion of Nepalese cricket and also help in awareness of people about cricket.
  6. Friendly matches with associate nation, concern from CAN so that Nepalese players can play in premier league held in test playing nation such as India (IPL), Bangladesh (BPL), Pakistan (PPL) etc.


Some hidden but bitter truth we guess existed in between Nepali players is leaving game due to different level of university exam they faced because of no provision of pre-pond and post-pond of it, which is making them to quit the career despite of their great talent and desire.

So these are some of most common and required issues for the betterment of future cricket in Nepal. I personally guess Iron Gate is already open for the Nepali cricket but what we need now is good and faithful soldiers to fight for their country side and make their nation proud so that it can be a relief for wound Nepalese are getting through immense violence and political instability. Best wishes all to Nepalese cricketer and the fans.