Nepal Blind Cricketers: Braves conclude the toughest ordeals and inspire us


It couldn’t have more worst negligence than this.

Nepal blind cricket team reached Pakistan by bus/train.

Sportsmen and celebrity are consider as a jewellery of every nation. Sportsmen carries the pride of nation and represent the whole nation globally. Sportsmen of every countries are receiving the conveniences and prestige which they actually deserve. Forget about prestige and conveniences, Nepal blind cricketers hadn’t even got the flight tickets to participate in World Cup. Yes, you are reading it right. They hadn’t received a flight tickets to participate in World Cup. I think everyone reading it out there knows value of World Cup better than me. Professional athletes hustle every day to win trophies recognizing everything from their athleticism to their humanitarian accomplishments. Most of the time, winning these trophies is about athletes taking pride in what they’ve done. But just to participate in World Cup mean more to them than these prestigious trophies. I think all of us has listened many news from various countries about awards and honour provided to their players of particular sports for being selected in World Cup. Government of every nation used to provide them several facilities. Then, now we are on such country which governmental bodies even don’t know how to respect the nation’s pride. Politicians of our nation always engaged themselves on these shit play of leadership. Players of every individual sports scarifies many things for the pride of nation. They scarifies their appetite, carrion desires, family’s company for shorten period of time, missed all those celebrations along with society, sometimes very religious and important festivals and so on. All these sort of stuff are acceptable for them for the pride of nation but Nepalese athletes are so unfortunate to get these type of government. Nepalese government is cruel and brutal to their players. Yes, cruel and brutal is the correct words to describe Nepalese government’s activities towards their players and now I will not erased it as I used to erase it previously. I will not stop myself from using these words because they had crossed the boundary to despised ness. I’m not saying all these on the basis of this tickets incident, its just latest incident, government hadn’t done anything in Nepal for sports. Nepal blind cricketer hadn’t participate in any One Dayers World Cup yet. They got selected every time but this cruel government never ever separate budget for their flight tickets. Politicians who used to shout very hard on the stage about equality, lead the nation from the front in terms of discrimination.

Despite of all those problems, they showed dare and decided to travel to Pakistan for world cup through bus/train. They started their journey on Tuesday and finally they reached theere today. Skipper Kirtan Duwal notified us through his facebook. He also mention about the warm gesture which they got from the host. They will play their first match of the tournament against Bangladesh on 8th January.

They once again proved it that ” Carrion buccal can’t be obscures by moustache”. Now, they aren’t alone. They have prayers and support of around three crore Nepali.

Thank you so much NCSS for leading from the front.

If you are interested to support them financially then NCSS, organization which work for the welfare of Nepali cricket, is currently running the 15 days long campaign. They along with your support will try to collect as much as money so, Nepal blind cricket team shouldn’t travel back home in train. For more info, contact Bhanu Sigdel, president of NCSS. Contact number 9851148528. Your small help can come handy for those inspiring stag. If we don’t care , then who does? if not now, they when? if not for cricket, then for what? if not for those inspiring persons, then for whom?


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