Associates like Nepal likely to play test cricket in the near future

Sakti Gauchan during preparation for World Cricket League against Namibia at TU ground kritipur
Shakti Gauchan during preparation for World Cricket League against Namibia at TU ground Kritipur

It’s a fresh morning with great news for the Associate nations to grasp the new opportunity for themselves. In order to promote them as a second division Test playing nation, dream of Nepal and Shakti Gauchan getting some real motivation as ICC broadens their mindset into a good effect. The cricket governing body is planning to bring promotion and relegation into Test cricket as early as 2019 as mentioned in


If everything goes according to plan then soon the likes of Nepal, Ireland and Afghanistan will get an opportunity to wear the classic white dress and have a go with the red ball which is an ultimate dream of every Cricketer born on the planet. Also, it has been mentioned on the website that if some high-ranked teams like Westindies couldn’t improve themselves then the relegation doors may be opened towards their direction as Test cricket won’t survive on its own and ICC would do its best to make it livelier as well as intensify its effect into the global viewers.



As ICC have seen the growing prospect into the International arena from the Associates with overwhelming crowd, some unnatural talents breeding in the land of Associates and diminishing status of some top ranked cricket team as well as the craze of T20 coming into the scene, Test cricket needed some planning and what better timing then this could be from the ICC to save the status of the classic cricket.


As quoted in ,”The feeling is that if you want to sustain interest in a competition, you probably can’t go longer than two years with it” Adding to this Richardson stated that if Test cricket and ODI cricket is to survive in its competition with T20 internationals some real planning and  execution is needed. The broadcasters as well the media partners would have a tough job in hand but Richardson believes that sooner than the later the issues will be pinpointed and major changes are likely to arrive to make cricket as a global sport.




Not only for Test cricket but also in T20 Internationals, ICC is likely to give the opportunity to all 105 members to play the full flow out of it and if the top 30 to 35 performed as per criteria of the ICC then they are likely to get an opportunity to spark in the 50 over format. Sashank Manohar, the newly elected Chairman and David Richardson have really been a turning point for the fate of cricket as if the proposal gets a move on then Cricket would be worshipped all over the world.


So, with an opportunity provided by ICC, it is now in the hands of cricket governing body of Nepal to implement some real good changes for the cricket in Nepal. If everything falls according to plan, players would get much exposure and status of cricket will promote very high for Nepali cricket team.


This is a huge chance which must be grasped with both hands. To be highlighted among Afghanistan and Ireland who have been improving in all sectors of the game, in the most highlighted news currently in is itself a huge achievement but now it’s  time to act, act wisely.  Only time will show how much CAN would step up leaving all personal egos and would relentlessly think of improving the status of cricket in an overwhelming nation of cricket fans.



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