A tuning that has a perfect timing – Sarad Vesawkar

Sarad Vesawakar, source Cricketfootball.com

May 12,2016

By Amit Pokharel

Imagine a rainy day with a cup of your favorite flavored coffee waiting for your sip; you are already with your old guitar with a classic lyric on the head. The set is ready for a wonderful day, but all you got is an unhealthy set of environment around you. So what on earth you would do? The answer is as juggling as the question.

But for a 27-year-old Nepalese middle order batsman he has his own method of dealing with such tough situations. I have made the latter (situation) plural as he has been in such situations more than frequently.


In a cricketing world where Associates merely get a chance to have tough competition throughout the year, batsmen like him are perfect examples of batsmanship. Although he slowly finds himself in the groove, once he is firmly into the game, he is one of the toughest batsmen to get rid of.

 So he bangs himself like those lead  guitarists of 90’s who used to take a little more time than others, but when they were in the groove people couldn’t get their eyes off from them.

For a cricketing journey that started in 2004, he could have hardly thought that the runs that were made from his bat against Kenya in the T20 world cup qualifier could make his team reach the penultimate ICC World T20 world cup in 2012.

Not only his cool and composed nature made the journey to the pinnacle of cricketing events, but also gave an associate nation like Nepal, a finisher who can stay firmly controlling one end of a cricket pitch.

As Sachin Tendulkar (The god of cricket himself), majestically mentioned in his autobiography, “Playing It My Way”, that a cricketer who could easily anticipate what’s happening in the opposite part of the pitch could easily win the battle, this is what Sharad does marvelously well. He maneuvers the single and goes on with the crisp drive of the cricket ball with an excellent anticipation of the ball that a bowler is trying to present him.

 Sarad Vesawakar playing a match winner against Namibia in TU Cricket Ground, Kritipur

If we check his stats in the last ten matches he has played exceptionally well and moreover, his last 4 innings yielded 74*, 50*, 42 and 78. (Stat source: www.cricinfo.com)  His couple of not out innings were rather in a much more difficult situation where thousands of people were present inside and outside of Tribhuvan University Ground in a well-conducted event of ICC World Cricket League championship.

His approach towards the game makes him a tough competitor in a high-pressure game so often.

For a player who once was fighting for his identity with the government of Nepal when he was very lately granted a citizenship by the fact that he was not the one to have born in Nepal, Sharad Vesawkar is a household name today. To come out of such a harsh situation in a nation where hype is always bigger than the reality is commendable.  Success has not just featured you in the big premier league matches, sometimes to do; what you can do for your nation is the biggest

Nepali cricket has always lacked a proper management as well a good domestic structure. A recent setback of Nepali cricket has been quite disappointing for thousands of fans, but it’s a mark of a huge change as stated by the skipper paras Khadka to one of the national daily newspaper of Nepal.

If the structure improves it would give more opportunities for the youngsters to share the dressing room with the finisher like Vesawkar through whom they could learn to soak the high-pressure situations of International cricket.

He is a perfect match to the quote,” When going gets tough, tough gets going”.  So from my point of view no matter what the condition Vesawkar would play the tune in a rainy day, no matter what the situation or the environment would be as well as would make everyone present themselves to fall in love with his composition and tuning like he does in most of the occasions when he has a cricket bat.

I bet you there would be more listener than the critics who always had ambitions to learn to tune, but unfortunately, for them, they could only talk from behind. I would pay my whole savings to see one of the best improvement as well as matured cricketer to be born in the history of Nepali cricket, Sharad Vesawkar who is slowly getting into the groove to be the best finishers among the Associates.

The rain has not gone away and it won’t until the tuning of this man doesn’t come into the scene where Nepal will be fighting to rise in the global cricketing scenario. Get ready to see the roar of a warrior with his touch of excellence in the cricket field, not to forget his perfect timing!!



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