‘Death of a Gentleman’ – How World Cricket is Mismanaged


Published on Jul 22, 2015

Journalists and Cricket Lovers Jarrod Kimber and Sampson Collins have made a film. ‘Death of a Gentleman’ set out to find why Test cricket is in decline. What they found out about how the world game is run will shock and sadden you.


Some Comments on the video

And trouble is the fans in Australia, England and India have no concept of what BCCI, C.A and ECB are doing to worldwide cricket, they think its because of T20 that test cricket is dying when its in fact the governance of the game


– Julie Keast


Though, cricket is being watched globally and is the second biggest sport but the quality in the cricket’s highest committee “ICC” is the least. what kind of committee is this, which involve only 3 nations regardless, cricket is being played in more than 80 countries. Meanwhile, when other sports are expanding their roots beyond their limited aspects, cricket on the other hand, is shrinking. when emerging countries like Ireland, Afghanistan, Netherland and so on putting their hard work to achieve the pinnacle of world cricket and desperate to get test playing status these “ICC TRIO” are defacing cricket’s image across the globe. The only vision “ICC TRIO” has, is no vision (except money making)

 – Prashant Balyan


Have to admit there is no context or any reason to follow Cricket (including Test Cricket)..there is nothing at stake while watching Cricket. I was crazy cricket fan of 90s, but now I prefer watching European football which is organized and has context to every match. Australian cricket board’s refusal to go to Bangladesh clearly indicate they don’t see financial value playing in Bangladesh, and in future, series will be played only to satisfy the bank balance of the respective boards.

                                                  – Arun Menon


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