The Art of Fielding and the Growth of Cricket


Cricket is a game of contribution as well as anticipation. In fact it’s a game where varieties of skills come into play. Each individual with a unique set of skills can easily inspire his/her side to the triumph of a victory. Out of other basic skills like batting and bowling, modern day cricketers are always tested their fielding skills, which is a player’s approach towards an individual game at a particular time.


Modern day cricket is getting pace as well as hype. People nowadays are not taking much care about the techniques. All people or crowd want is to go out to the stadium to see the slides, dives and acrobatic level of cricketers out in the field. Even the fielders like to express their skills to every ball displayed in the global society.



Acrobatics, anticipation, dives, stretch are some common key words that present commentators use most commonly to describe valiant efforts on the ground. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that modern day cricket has produced one of the great bunch of excellent fielders that cricket has ever produced till date.


If we try to throw ourselves back into the past frames of cricket, we could easily come through countable names that were counted as the top fielders of their era. If we look at the various positions where fielders are assigned to do their jobs than each country then also had their strength.


Australia always has a history of producing best sleep fielders. Allan Border, Mark Taylor, Mark Waugh, Shane Warne, Ricky Pointing, Michael Clarke, Steve Smith is a dynasty still running on the cricketing pages when it comes to catching the cricket ball.


Jonty Rhode  Courtesy  Cricket Bits


Similarly, South Africa has always set a standard in ground fielding with some dazzling names like Jonty Rhodes, Dominic Cork, Daryl Cullinan, Herchesle Gibbs, A.B. De villiers , Faf Du Plesis , David Miller who are not only acrobatic fielders but some quick anticipators in the cricket field. Their quick decision making capacity has produced some unbelievable moments in cricket.


New Zealand cricket had always produced some extraordinary catchers, anticipators, ground fielders as well as hard working cricketers who possessed   the tag all-rounder’s via fielding qualities.


Kiwis could be proud of Lou Vincent, Scott Styris, Craig Macmillan, Nathan Astle in the past who just paved a right platform for the upcoming youngsters with their outstanding performances all with bat and bowl along with their 100% energy on the field.


The modern electric phenomenon called Brendon Mccullum along with Kane Williamson, Corry Anderson and upcoming youngsters aren’t someone who just slides for no reason than just for the spider cam to capture their moments on the big screen.


Fielding is something that should save runs for the team, strengthen the inner rings for the batsmen to think at least twice to play up and over as well as on the rise shots towards the fielders.


Dean Jones always uses the same phrase that “Adding runs for the team is the best contribution but saving runs is the most important part”. Similarly, Ian chapel always uses the same advice to the upcoming captains quoting, “Until and unless you save runs in the inner rings you can’t create pressure to the modern batsmen”.


In today’s era of fast and furious cricket, fielding is the most enriched ingredient that adds beauty to this beautiful game. It’s not just about slides, unusual temperament, abusing statements that brings viewers to cricket rather a full inspiration on and off the field will certainly raise the bars for it’s popularity.


It’s not just about playing cricket it’s all about feeling for the game. What else than an electric ground effort or splendid catches that would attract more people towards the game? Just feel it and magnetize the viewer’s rather than attracting them with all the abusive clips. Feel for the game and field for the team.



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