We write for the game we love, we write for cricket


Although it has been 5 long years that we have been walking with the same dream of harvesting our pen into to fertile land of Cricket to grow gems out of my skills and pluck fruitful digestible literature to one of the world’s simple looking but complexly analyzed game in itself “Cricket”.

Cricket for us is worship, a pray from my inner soul. So after a long discussion with our team we came to the conclusion that we need to create a platform for everyone else who ever feels to write about cricket from Associates to international cricket all around the cricketing world.

Modern Cricket

In this fast moving and entertaining world, cricket is reshaping itself. Boundary lines or ropes are getting closer to the bowler’s mark. Fielders are getting Athletic and versatile. Bowlers are trying their level best to bring new variations in the game. With T20 providing a free license to swing the heavy willow in the lush green outfields and batsmen friendly environment. With AB De villiers 360 degree scoring mode and Glenn Maxwell’s reverse hit has changed the fashion of cricketing generation coming up to the scene. Aggression on and off the field with sledging and eye contacts winning heart of people around the world is slowly changing this gentlemen game into a heated arena. Development is dynamic but class is permanent.

Cricket Class and orthodoxy

Classical mode and techniques are only the way to save the batsmenship culture in cricket. Cricket is in a sense making lives easy for batsmen with heavy bats and physically strong batsmen with relatively short rope and changed Rules and restrictions in the field. But in other sense the true batsmen are being extinct. Batsmen are swinging their bat from the early part of the game until the end giving techniques and class an end. So, classical part of the cricket needs an effort to make this beautiful game save its glory along with its history of producing leaders out of proper batsmen and indigenous bowlers. Innovation and flexibility is an additional asset but overuse of innovations is leading to deterioration of this beautiful game. Our attempt is to write literally about the game and start a revolution in writing about every modes associated with it.
Let us write our heart out and save this beautiful and world connecting game. From the after effect of retiring of legends, to arrival of young Guns and development of some young legends in Australian cricket. Likewise, the end of a legacy of batsmen and slip fielders in Indian test team. The Downfall of Dhoni as a batsmen and recently criticism of him as a captain. From hawk eye to DRS, free hit to new ICC rules and all other concerned cricketing events. The rise of Cricket in Nepal to the downfall of its cricket governing body. We want the art inside you to speak louder and bring out some beautiful literature regarding cricket and some factors regarding its backwardness and Development.

At last, beginning is an important attempt of Change that could lead any normal man to bring out something extra ordinary. Cricket is touching every feet of success because of the hard work of players had put into it, the wishes that we give as a moral boost before and after any tournament that our team participates in. Hence, here is platform and there is your pen. Open it, start to fill the blank papers with all the creative thinking and let’s begin to write A Step Forward To A New Beginning.



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