Gautam Buddha Cup: A new chapter in the era of Nepali cricket

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The modern world is currently fighting one of the worst pandemics in human history. The fight with Noble Corona Virus is going on with the superpowers of the world determined to get the vaccine to fight the battle permanently. All sports activities including Football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby, and even the Olympics are paused as the pandemic is coming through again and again in a series of waves. Amidst all these difficulties the world is moving on with a simple theory of survival. The face mask and sanitizers are the new norms for everyone.

The fake spectator sounds, paper cut-outs of the spectators, and will of the individual to grow are moving the sports world in the correct direction. Likewise, the cricket team of Nepal is showing courage and the final preparation of a domestic triangular series named “Gautam Buddha Cup” is all set to go.

As I am writing this on the eve of the tourney, I am feeling proud to write about a mega project of 2 individuals, “Dhurmus” and “Suntali” as they are known in Nepali households. Sitaram Kattel aka Dhurmus and Kunjana Ghimire aka Suntali are two comic characters of comic series in Nepal. Both of them acted their heart out on television which made this duo of husband and wife very popular among the television audience. They had a stable life with a secured future behind the back of the small as well as big screen. The earthquake of 2015 and the post effects of it that included the nationwide lockdown due to political instability and weak decisions making made them work in the favor of the people of Nepal.

The duo engaged themselves in social work and handed houses and food to the people of the devastated areas of remote Nepal. The actual birth of their foundation, “Dhurmus Suntali Foundation” took place as their initiative grew from handing over houses to needy and affected people to cultivating a dream project for the entire Nepalese cricket lovers all around the world.


As Dhurmus himself speaks about the thought process that went in when they dreamt about an international facilitated cricket stadium. Nepal after gaining the ODI status in a miraculous manner had a lot of things going bad in absence of the governing body serving a suspension from the International Cricket Council. Dhurmus and Suntali gave up their house and time that her little daughter needed from them and served step by step to turn their cultivation into the garden of the cricket stadium, ”Gautam Buddha International Cricket Stadium”.

As the idea was made public and help was pleaded from the generous social activists’ duo, people turned off their faces against their idea. The estimated budget of around 3 billion Nepalese rupees(approximately 26 million USD) was made a mockery out of the foundation as they were suggested to let the government do the job of building such mega projects. They were more determined and worked selflessly and started touring worldwide and collected a good amount of help from the Nepalese people residing in foreign lands. The flood of donations started and their dream got ahead brick by brick.

The government intervened and promised good help. The Bharatpur metropolitan office came forward and shook hands with the public initiation project of making cricket played in the well-facilitated stadium. Dhurmus and Suntali dared to dream and didn’t let distraction pull them back and if everything goes well the stadium will get its dream finishing touch by September 2021. This makes everyone following sports proud that an individual can act as a spark to bring revolution in any field.

The dream is moving so swiftly that the ex Nepalese cricket captain Paras Khadka during his visit in recent times stated that his dream was to play in the stadium before he bids adieu to cricket. The flamboyant and the most lovable cricketer in Nepal, Khadka was amazed to see the progress the entire team had made to bring their dream project into a livable reality. The foundation went into a work lock-down by dedicating their time and efforts during the period of global pandemic too. That effort demanded recognition and that visit by former skipper meant it caught few eyes for the further betterment of the stadium as well as Nepali cricket too.

The COVID-19 has taken its ruthless mode active, especially in sports in Nepal which is the most underrated indicator of the development as prioritized by the decision-makers in the country. Cricket among all sports has brought recognition in recent times and contributed as something to be proud of for the people of Nepal.

In the middle of all the chaos caused by the global pandemic, the initiation taken by Bagmati Province Cricket Association along with the Cricket Association of Chitwan must be thanked by many one of us who follows Nepali cricket right from the base. The need for recognition for Gautam Buddha International Cricket stadium is felt and an event is being held which is the 1st of many to be seen at the dream stadium of the people of Nepal. “The Gautam Buddha Cup” is set to begin from December 12th which is technically supported by the Cricket Association of Nepal and managed by Queens Event Management Pvt. Ltd. The event has its proud supporters as Bharatpur Metropolitan City and the Ministry of province sports development committee, Hetaunda, Nepal.

Queens Event management has already initiated the first franchise league for women in Nepal with the beginning of a full-fledged T20 event for women cricketers in Nepal as Women Champions League and has already hosted Pokhara Premier League for 2 successful seasons. With the responsibility of hosting this event, Queens event will help cricket decentralize outside Kathmandu as it has been the main motto for Queens Event Management as stated by their M.D. Chhumbi Lama.

The fixture of the tournament is out and the pool of players looks exciting and people are in high expectation from the tournament as the players of Nepal were lacking games and match practice at the competitive level. The domestic cricket will get a kick start as the cricketing season is expected to begin after the event gets completed.

For Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation it will be as the birth of their second child,” The Gautam Buddha Cricket Stadium” which has seen all the highs and lows and have been through all the odds. The “Gautam Buddha Cup 2020” is definitely a beginning of many cricketing events that Nepal will host in Chitwan as it is where the dreams of many spectators from home is amplified to begin the proceeding for cricket in Chitwan to scale new heights.

PC: Suresh Timalsina

Action Sports HD will telecast a dream of the entire nation once a new chapter will proceed with the commencement of Gautam Buddha Cup 2020. On behalf of the entire cricketing fraternity and cricket fans, cricket concern would like to thank all the initiators and stakeholders coming forward in this tough time of global pandemic to put life back in the dream project of Mr. Sitaram Kattel and Mrs. Kunjana Ghimere of completing a nationwide dream of building a well-facilitated cricket stadium in Nepal. We would love to appreciate the efforts of all the groundsmen and people involved in building this beautiful stadium.

A new chapter will definitely begin in the era of Nepali cricket on December 12, 2020, lets remember this date.


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