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KI Sports Premium Bats.

Every story needs a build-up, so as my story needed it badly and now as I’ve got it; let me present it without wasting it anymore. Let me take you all back in 2015, no not to that final which all of you are expecting me to board. I’m talking about an article that was published in 2015 at written by Niyantha Shekhar titled “The bat wars”.

It really had a direct impact on me as it showed a clearer picture of how equipment brands, once a soul of cricket business in India has a dip in progress with more Multinationals intervening into the sea of markets and sailing their ships leaving local manufacturers a really tough time currently.

The touching part of the story has been how days are diminished for equipment and their love for any player. Now, the term “Deal” isn’t just limited to a couple of bats a year or other limited gears a year. It has moved beyond the number of willows and other accessories.

Now, the deal comes up with whooping sums as for instance (as mentioned in the bat wars) England test captain, Joe Root signed a deal of 308,000$ with New balance in 2013. Similarly, Spartan signed a whooping combined deal of 25 Crores ($3.8 Million) alongside the Amity group of India with the former captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni.


Recently, we have been in conversation with Mr. Nishant Gupta, Co-Founder of KI Sports which in his words has evolved to promote and uplift sports in India. According to Nishat, the idea of KI Sports had come from the terminology “Khele India” which means let India play. They are working day in and out to make it a global brand.

Here’s our expert, Roshan Dhital with all his experiences of interviews with Mr. Nishant Gupta regarding the day in and out at KI Sports at New Delhi in India.

How do you see KI Sports Journey So far?  
[Nishant Gupta] – It has been a great journey so far for KI Sports, and all the credit goes to our team, who is working day and night towards making it a leading global Cricket brand.

Because of the collective team efforts and sticking to our principles and vision as a company, we have made a great presence amongst the Cricket community, not just in India but across the world.
In a very short span of time, we have become one of the fastest emerging Cricket brands, our product quality, and customer support has been our strength in getting such a great response.    

What Stood Out the most for KI Sports?  
[Nishant Gupta] – As I mention our products quality and customer support has been the key, Dealers and players feel the trust and comfort while working/dealing with us, and that’s very important in any business.

Who are some of the famous players using this brand?  
 [Nishant Gupta] –  Last year, Ria Sharma(One of the very popular faces in Delhi Women’s Cricket), Delhi Under 23 Women’s Captain, and also Shubham Arora paying for Himachal Under 23 are the famous names, and in this year we will be signing many more players including some foreign nation players too.  

What do you think about expanding this brand in Nepal’s cricketing market?  
[Nishant Gupta] –   We have been following Nepal Cricket for quite some time, and the people and Cricketers in this country are passionate about this game.

As Nepal Cricket is doing really great and making their presence at the international level, I think more and more young kids and boys will take interest in the game, and demand for Cricket equipment is going to rise in the coming time. 

We see a lot of potential in our Cricket range in Nepal, considering we are offering the best quality and top-class gear at better competitive pricing.

Talks are going with one of the leading sports brands in Nepal, and we are really looking forward to them promoting and marketing our products in Nepal. I am positive that in a couple of months, KI premium Cricket products will be available in the Nepal market.

According to you, What is the best part of your product?   [Nishant Gupta] –   Our idea is to provide the best quality products in all possible ranges. We invest a lot of energy and time in all the new products we launch, just to make sure these come out as the best product in all aspects. Our R&D team keeps working in parallel to understand the trend and new requirements that can be fulfilled as a brand.    

Which type of players do you target while manufacturing most of the commercial products?
 [Nishant Gupta] –  As a global brand, we have to consider all levels of Cricketers, right from the beginner grassroots, school/colleges, club cricketers, professional Cricketers, KI Sports has a range for everyone.

In 2020-2021, our R&D and manufacturing team is coming up with many more new great products that will give more variety and options to the cricketers.

KI Sports has not only limited itself in the territory inside India but have started their sale abroad too. Recently, they have started supply to Italy where not a lot of Indian brands have been invested their mind on.

They have excellent reviews from clients from the United States, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Caribbean nations and are seriously excelling towards making KI beyond borders.

For an idea of uplifting cricket multidimensionally, KI sports have started planting a dream of making India play. Initially, they developed the best modern indoor cricket facility with Australian Astroturf and modern bowling machines to produce modern cricketers with all the modern knowledge of cricket.

Little by little and step by step KI sports have been influencing markets with its quality products and the march has been in the right direction where they are following excellence to make their products global.


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