Paras Khadka and Numbers: a comprehensive analogy


Nepal Cricket has seen dramatic transformations in their recent years. The roller coaster ride of Nepali cricket isn’t a hidden story yet a lot of hard work and determination as well grit isn’t seen statistically.

From being placed in ICC World Cricket League Division III in 2014 to obtain the One-Day International (ODI) status in 2018, Nepal Cricket Team have many twists and turn in last few years.

In the absence of governing body (Cricket Association of Nepal) for four years and broken and unmanaged domestic cricket structure (barring some private franchise cricket leagues).

Nepal cricket team truly rode on their love and passion for this game followed by some luck and fortune to take themselves right here today.


Nepal used to have majority of amateur players few years back, and now to have pool of professional players, who can sustain their livelihood through cricket.

Along with upgrading rank in international cricket, investment, stakeholders interest, fan following and number of cricket based academies have taken giant stride in last few years.

In all this ups and downs, one man always stood-out tall for Nepal, not only his on-field performance, he also has big influence on bring investment and interest on Nepali Cricket.

I mustn’t describe anything more about the best cricketing product of the Himalayan nation so far. There are his stories and pictures shared everyday in most of the groups and cricket pages.

He is none other than Nepal cricket team’s Mr. Everything (As inscribed by Peter Della Penna in and former captain, Paras Khadka.

To truly understand the impact of Paras Khadka in Nepali Cricket, I decided to collect some stats and present it to you.

There is no any doubt that, Paras Khadka was and is the go to man for Nepal to win the matches. Here, data and numbers make a louder noise to prove it.

Paras Khadka’s Impact on Nepal’s Victory (Since 2013 January)

Nepal wins 71.05% of matches when Paras Khadka scores forty or more runs (40±) in both T20 and 50-Over Cricket combine. This also includes his unbeaten innings of 40 or less runs.

Out of his 38 (40±) scores, Nepal has managed to win 27 matches.
It clearly shows his impact and contribution for Nepal.

He scored three half-centuries (50, 60, and 75) against Afghanistan in losing cause (all the scores were made with the strike rate of almost 95 and more).

Talking about his knock in losing cause, we can take his unbeaten 112 off 103 against United Arab Emirates in the final of ICC World Cricket League Division II in 2018.

Comparing runs in winning cause (Since 2013 January)

Paras Khadka averages 41.6 (combine in both T20 and 50-Over Cricket) on winning cause, its 11.88 more than his overall average (29.73).

His average jumps up to 44.33, when he plays as a captain. Paras Khadka has scored 3509 runs in his 127 international appearances since 2013, out of which 2247 runs have come in winning cause.

It’s All About the Chase (Since January 2013)

With easily available data and stats all around the internet, we all know that Indian Cricket Team’s captain Virat Kohli loves chasing down the target.

Let me tell you something, in fact let these stats tell you everything.
It’s clear that Khadka contributes heavily to Nepal’s success in terms of runs. To truly understand the essence of Khadka to team Nepal, Khadka’s success in chases needs to be understood.

Playing with numbers, I can serve you his average while chasing down the target. He averages 35.11 while chasing the target, 11.33 more than his batting while batting first (23.78).

He has scored whooping 2177 runs in 70 innings while chasing that included 12 half-century and three centuries. On other hand, batting first, he has 1332 runs in 57 innings including 8 half-century.

Moreover, Paras Khadka averages 42.96 in successful run chase for Nepal with 1375 runs in 38 innings. In successful run chase as a captain, his average jump up to 46.37.

The Leader and Motivator (Stats and numbers are since January 2013)

Paras Khadka is the reason of picking bat and ball for youngsters in Nepal. He has opened the gateway for many generations to play cricket as a professional sport in Nepal.

Words aren’t enough to describe his influence on Nepali Cricket hence yet again let numbers bring all those magical moments.

Paras Khadka has scored 17.85% of total runs for Nepal since 2013. Among 19,653 runs scored by Nepal (when Paras was in starting eleven), he single handed scored 3509 runs of it.

These stats depict a perfect example of captain leading from the front. As I said earlier in my article, Paras Khadka inspires Nepali cricket both on and off the field.

Not comparing his playing style, records or anything related to stats, but I don’t hesitate to compare Nepal’s fans emotion towards Paras Khadka to that of Indian fans with Sachin Tendulkar in 90’s.

It was if Sachin’s wicket gone, TV off for Indians all over the world, and in Nepalese fans case, it’s if Paras is out no cricinfo or live streaming would be played.

What Stands Out The Most? — Secret to Success

“Your strong point is your weak point as well”, we can notice this line being repeatedly vocal-out by different commentators and experts of cricket. It’s the same in case for Paras Khadka too, his strong point is his aggressive batting, ability to cross the rope, counter attack the opposition in tough situation.

There are many innings of Paras Khadka, where we ended up saying, >> he should have stayed there for long; there was no need of big shots then in different occasions.

But it’s his way to deal with tough conditions, when it works out, it looks excellent. Likewise, it doesn’t look good when it goes against you.

Here is another stat for you, Paras Khadka averages 36.03 whenever Nepal win the match after losing two or more wickets inside first ten over.

To add more evidence on his counter-attacking ability, he plays with the strike rate of 124 in T20 matches for Nepal whenever Nepal loose two or more wickets inside the first ten over.

Bringing It All Together

So, how exactly does Khadka do it? It’s deceptively simple; he focuses on playing his natural game under any condition. Whenever it works, he tends to win the match for his country on his own.

Paras Khadka has scored 55.62% of his runs through boundaries, including 341 fours and 98 sixes since 2013.

Copping under pressure is his biggest strength and hopefully we can witness many more fearless players in Nepal in coming time.

I will present you most of his stats and analogy of such numbers with his playing style.

Paras khadka and numbers compliments so much to each other that even when he isn’t batting, it’s ball in his hand or in the slips follows him to make a perfect combo of stats and a great ambassador of this beautiful country to different parts of the world.

Feature Image © Bishal: The Photographer


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