Niraj Shrestha | Saviour Of Royal Rhinos Cricket Club


BMW Cup 2018 is not only circulating Nepalese cricketing atmosphere in Australia, it is also bringing up some talented players close to us. This tournament is making us familiar with some players with sound temperament. With an ambition to take you more closer to Royal Rhinos Cricket Club’s captain, Niraj Shrestha, I’m bringing up an article about him.

With his bold attitude and motivating leadership, Shrestha, is uplifting team Rhinos. He is born leader as he always try to find the sequence of the situation. He played his first match for Rhinos two years ago in 2016. He always lead his team by example as he can either bat or bowl genuinely. You can always find him inspiring his troops on the field.

Celebration After Wining NAV Cup 2017

He tends to occupy those crucial parts in the field. He is widely known as mr. reliable among his teammates. He has served his team many times as saviour and took out victory for them from tough situation. His cool temperament and ability to handle the tough situation calmly is what stand out the most. Taking lots of inspiration from Sachin Tendulkar, he used to bat at any number as per team’s requirement. His best performance came against Brunswick Blue in NAV Cup Semifinal, when he registered his crucial half century. He has achieved some prestigious feet to feel proud about, and best among all those is victory against Royal Park in grade cricket. He made his side, first Nepalese cricket club to play final of grade cricket in Melbourne.

He used to cook victory for his side with different recipe. Likewise, he love to cook food off the field as cooking is his hidden talent.


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