BCCI: The hope of the Associates!!


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Cricket is one of the most popular sport, especially in Asia. Its slowly and gradually spreading all across the world with raise of some of European sides in the likes of Iceland, Denmark etc and some American sides likes of Argentina, Chile etc. There’s lots of positivity we can withdraw with the massive inclusion of new sides in cricket but one thing they are always lacking is exposure. I’m not trying to be rude on ICC, but it is observed that ICC is following the path of Snobs’ culture.

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Lower-ranked teams hardly get a match, they played with their heart-out because their every matches are linked with their World Cup’s dream but more heartaches part is that, all those runs, wickets and records they are making with hardship and less exposure never get fortune to get mixed with higher ranked sides. Their records and emotion dilute with completion of that particular matches. Their matches don’t even counted as international matches. Imagine a mother discriminating her weak and disable children? isn’t it the most painful feelings in the world? obvious it is and same case is happening with associate and affiliated nations of ICC.

India, one of top most international team, played 47 international matches in 2017, where then, ODI team Hong Kong played 46 matches in period between 2015-17. Sadly, many of those were List-A matches. It’s illogical to expect equal amount of product from two different things after investing unequal amount of capital. So, ICC want associate nation to upgrade their playing standard where their all attention is over test-playing nation. Currently, there are 18 teams carrying List-A status and 12 of them are the second choice team of those well focused test-playing nations.
Associate Cup is limited within some mobile and PC games. World was and is still against ICC when they decreased world cup playing nation from 16 to 10. Fans were furious when ICC opted not to board very anticipated and thrilling ICC World Cup Qualifier 2018 due to its expenses. Now recently fans are all over Indian legendary player, Sunil Gavaskar as he gave statement with backing 10 teams world cup. I would like to throw a word “ICC Decangular Series 2019” to replace the word “ICC World Cup 2019”. After all these odds, lower-raked nation’s board should encourage the stakeholders within their nations to invest in this game of cricket.

BCCI, Indian cricket team government’s body, is the richest cricket board of the world. The reason cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports is mainly due to the influence from India. Cricket is played by around 104 countries. But it is India that provides nearly 80 per cent of the world’s cricket revenues. And cricket-playing countries and players around the world are a lot wealthier because of that revenue generated by India. “Generally, people who have the most money get what they want. India is no different, and it is very protective of its power and very shrewd when it comes to using it. Many fans and cricket leaders think this is a bad thing for the game. I don’t. Over the past few years, the Board of Cricket Control of India has not won too many friends with its directions and opinions on the game. It wasn’t long ago that India was easily bulldozed by the boards from England and Australia. Not now.”, Dean Jones. Money speaks every language so do they are very genuine to uplift their nation’s cricket, which actually is there responsibility. World can’t expect BCCI to globalize this game. But now with all disappointment we are getting from ICC, we can be optimistic that BCCI will lead by example and help ICC to globalize this beautiful game that we love the most. Recently BCCI decided to help their neighbouring nation’s cricket team Bhutan with all the essential resources. We can never forget BCCI role in the raise of Afghanistan.


Now I want to collect some cricket enthusiast person’s view over the role of BCCI to globalize this sport.

What should be the role of BCCI to globalize the game of cricket ?

  • Aveek Deb Roy ( @Czarsportzauto), ( Dedicative person from India who writes for the betterment of associate nation in his own website Czarsportzauto.com), said

“BCCI have been the Asian and global powerhouse for Cricket and a 75-80% revenue generator machine for ICC, which is well oiled and drilled..for the major part of its International calendar, the high profiles series are sought as it attracts more moolah for the stakeholders..so, does this mean they don’t do much for the growth of cricket in the region or globally?? While globally is not a feasible idea for them, but being part of Asian Cricket Council, then do have some objectives to spread the game in the Asian region..and they have been doing that for some time now..BCCI in the recent years have helped Afghanistan Cricket Board a lot in terms of providing facilities and grounds for ACB to use. Recently, Cricket Bhutan also got their support to improve their facilities and infrastructure..and now there are talks that BCCI will be inviting U19 team’s from Afghanistan and Nepal to play in a Quadrangular tourney before ACC U19 Asia Cup. While it is practical to think that they can’t be doing more with their own quota of activities taking the bulk of their times, BCCI could still provide more growth if they could either arrange or tour with “A” and U19 squads to Associate member countries in the Asian region.”

Yashasvi Raj Pant ( @Yashasviii), ( Humble guy from Nepal who worship the game of cricket and importantly he follows all the associate cricket), said

“Well, BCCI can play a major role. It’s not unknown for cricket lovers that BCCI has the major control in the ICC decisions. So, if BCCI wants, they can truly globalize the game. They can force ICC to expand cricket and make it popular. Also, they can play a vital role in expanding the number of teams in the World Cup. But, for that, they need to have the willingness to do so. The problem is, I don’t think heads of BCCI think about cricket beyond their own county boundary. That’s the unfortunate truth now.”

Abhishek Joshi, ( We bring you a view of yet another associate cricket lover from Nepal who is very keen to see cricket spreading across the world), said

“As the richest and biggest organization related to the sport, I feel BCCI has to do something for the cause of associates as well. It doesn’t have any obligation to do so but only BCCI has such resources which could benefit emerging teams. BCCI upon receiving requests from associates should be open to providing world class trainings and practice facilities which they possess in abundance. Besides that,since they have the highest number of contracted players, BCCI can send its teams around the globe just like MCC to popularize the game in unknown territories.”

Moving forward what kind of coordination do Nepali cricket needs to have with BCCI?


Bhanu Sigdel ( @sigdel562) ( Leader and backbone of all the Nepal cricket team fans), said

” I remember, how the Indian board helped Sri Lanka in the early 80s. They got to play in the Duleep Trophy regularly and that really helped Sri Lankan cricket. Now we are a strong cricketing nation, an ODI Nation . I hope the BCCI does the same for India’s another neighbour Nepal”

Deepesh Khatri ( Former Nepal U19 cricket team player, captain and founder of MCC), said

” BCCI is the biggest cricket board in cricket fraternity. The ground in Kirtipur inside the Tribhuwan University premises was made by zee sports and in collaboration with BCCI I suppose.
So main thing for cricket development in this part can be done by negotiating with the biggest cricket board and that’s India.
Luckily it’s Nepal’s bordering mate and near by as well. Main thing is how keen is Nepal Government in developing cricket in this country. If they the government or the concerned governing body have no vision or far sightness than it won’t be possible.
Corporates and other itsy-bitsy group can just organise T20 stuffs which is just like fun-fare for some days which is profitable venture for organizers and the people who keep stall in that fun-fare.
For development you need grassroot stuffs which neither government has or the concerned sports body.
Everyone wants to make money in the name of cricket these days and that’s totally good for their own self. For the overall development you need longer version leagues which should run for 3 to 4 months.
BCCI can help if the smart heads who really want to develop can submit a visionary proposal for the cricket base and set up.”

The ice in the cake for the upcoming sensations in cricket would definitely be the neglected and ignored lower ranked teams. Watch the global festival of FIFA 2018 and stories of Iceland, Morocco and Iran and imagine 2026 or 2030 world cup where some low rank teams would make life difficult for Pakistan, India, South Africa as well as Australia. Let it be not limited to wish and dreams rather it should be a harsh reality with all lights on the fans of Associates and growing nations.


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