Cricketnalysis of poor batting of Nepali hope


Nepal lost the match Yesterday. Their bowlers were more than exceptional but batting let them down yet again” I think above lines are very familiar with you, if you are Nepalese cricket team fans. It should also be familiar because Nepalese batsmen spoil their bowlers hard-work every time. Nepalese batsmen have shown worst out of them in on-going ICC World Cricket League Division II, scoring altogether  277 runs in two matches.

There’s no Binod Bhandari and Sagar Pun to blame team’s selection. Almost everyone was satisfied with the team’s pick. “Nepal have great potential in cricket, they will go on and progress rapidly” such lines were spoken out since long time ago but why Nepal isn’t progressing? There’s very thin margin between good and better and probably that thin margin is the toughest one. And Nepal’s batsmen seems clueless to float on that toughest margin. The reason of Nepal’s batting failure wasn’t team’s pick or it wasn’t Binod Bhandari and Sagar Pun.

The problem is over watchful approach of Gyanendra Malla and Paras Khadka. There were never out of form but still unable to take the matches home most of the time. The ball is hitting the middle of their bat since long time ago and they are looking in touch, but why they aren’t able to bear a match-winning knock? Being senior most players they must bear match-winning knock, every time they get start.

Let us present you one poor stats. 61 times Nepalese batsmen got out on the score of between 10 and 35 runs in last 15 matches. Following the stats, we came to know that, Gyanendra Malla got out on the score of between 10 runs and 35 runs 11 times in his last 15 innings.


Likewise, Paras Khadka got out on the score of between 10 and 35 runs 7 times in his last 15 innings.

Anyone can get out early in an innings, but once your eye is in your goal is to get a big score. They look good before getting out on around 30 runs. Its lack of proper application, concentration in crucial phase and in some case, over-confidence.

The toughest part of a long innings is keeping an iron concentration on the task. Being fit helps with this, but like your muscles, your mind can improve with the right training.

Yes, Nepal’s cricket governing body is suspended, no any multi-day tournament in Nepal, no proper domestic structure, and facilities, no proper coaching panel. But deep down, I think these things will come to the right place after Nepal started to win crucial matches. Take the team to more upper-level of standard, government body, and ICC will be compelled to assign you all needed facilities. So, I think biggest problem above all the odds of Nepalese cricket is their batsmen. Let us consider junior players but senior players like Gyanendra Malla and Paras Khadka are playing for Nepal since 10 years and now they shouldn’t take excuse, rather they will make Nepal’s cricket fly on the sky and ensured coming generation’s future.

Pic Source :- The Himalayan Times
Paras Khadka serving water to his team during ICC WCLC 2015-17 encounter against Kenya in Kirtipur.

They are working hard, devoted all their crucial time for the nation, tackling all the problems they moved on and never give up for the seek of their nation but deep down its high time of Paras Khadka and  Gyanendra Malla to uplift their game.

There’s a same number of the stadium, same coaching panel and same suspended CAN for bowlers too. So, batsmen must step-up and perform in the crucial situation to sort all these problems of Nepal cricket team. Remember, even chariot can’t run without its both wheel so how a team will?


  1. I agree ! Batsman should have precise concentration in curicial time & … if you blame suspended body then same thing should have happened with bowlers, but bowlers are doing incredibly good..
    I think Gyanendra should be given rest for some time ..


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