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As it is just 21 days remaining for ICC World Cricket League division II. It will eventually draw every participating nation’s fate and will decide their at least coming four year’s future. Top two sides of the tournament will make it all the way to ICC World Cup Qualifier.

Kenya along with UAE, Nepal, Namibia, Oman and Canada will meet up with each other for that two remaining spot. They are on edge of their radiant future hence, they will not consider anything as an excuse.

They must be on their best to overcome this challenge as this division II is  being considered as toughest division II ever. At the moment, every teams are sharpening their coaching staff, selecting their best possible squad and arranging the practice matches and preparatory tours.

Host Namibia is currently playing 3-day matches against Eastern Province of South Africa, Canada will travel to South Africa for preparatory camp in January 24.


UAE is playing tri-series against Ireland and Scotland where others team are also having preparation as per their desire.

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But one team is so unfortunate to miss out these all opportunity. Yes, you are correct, if Nepal cricket team comes to your mind. They are playing regular matches since December.

They played WCCL seventh round with UAE followed by Everest Premier League and preparatory camp in Kirtipur right after EPL. But things aren’t going as per their demand and desire.

Followed by CAN suspension, ICC is looking after Nepal cricket and they should get approval from ICC for every small decision. They are getting dejection over their all latest proposal. They arranged 10-days long tour for South Africa before the tournament but they were forced to cancel  it due to ICC’s  rejection. They proposed Monty Desai as their batting coach, Monty showed his desire to be with Nepal cricket team. But Nepal failed to appoint him. Why? same obstacle this time as well, its because of dejection from  the ICC.

As Nepal’s skipper Paras Khadka said in his latest press conference, Nepal can’t take any excuse and need to utilize the resources they have. ICC arranged their preparation camp in ICC Global Cricket Academy, Dubai. They will play some practice matches against some local clubs there.

Players getting in huddle during camp.
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Leaving every obstacle aside, Nepal is having prepration camp in home of Nepal’s cricket, TU cricket ground. They are yet to announce their 15-men squad for the tournament so, below we decided to present you our squad of Nepal for ICC World Cricket League division II.

Paras Khadka(C), Sharad Vesawkar,  Gyanendra Malla, Basant Regmi, Sandeep Lamichhane, Sompal Kami, Sunil Dhamala, Dilip Nath (wk), Anil Kumar Sah, Dipendra Airee, Karan KC, Lalit Bhandari, Aarif Sheikh, Rohit Kumar Paudel, Shakti Gauchan.

Above list is our probable squad of Nepal cricket team. Now, below we  would like to present you Cricket Concern’s probable playing XI :-

Sunil Dhamala :-

This 21-years old opener from Kalikot accommodate in our playing XI considering his technique and recent form. His presence in the top order is being expected  to be handy for Nepal. He also can roll his arm and can damage opposition with his bowling in his day.

Dilip Nath :-

Many of you can disagree with his selection. His form may not be satisfactory at the moment but his work behind the stump will be crucial for Nepal. Nepal can’t afford a part-time keeper on Namibia’s bouncy condition.

Gyanendra Malla :-

Sunil Dhamala make it to the playing XI, means Malla should make the place for Dhamala and need to jump back to his original position. His experience and technique will come good for Nepal but he need to have the control over his shot at crucial condition.

Sharad Vesawkar :-

Vesawkar’s ability to hold one end and carry the team’s innings forward put him ahead of skipper, Khadka.

Paras Khadka :-

Khadka was batting in No.4 position over the period of years. But he need to jump down a order for the team composition. He needs to lead his inexperience lower-middle order.

Anil Kumar Sah

Anil Kumar Sah :-

This young gun from Kalaiya showed his ability to cope under pressure during the final of recently concluded EPL. He has a strong pull, hook shot which will come handy in Namibian condition. His electrifying fielding will help Nepal to uplift their fielding standard. He can finish the matches for Nepal. Let Nepal invest on him and provide him maximum chances to prove his belonging.

Dipendra Airee :-

You may think that no.7 is too down for this exceptional batsman. And your point is also true as it is good for Nepal, if he faces maximum delivery. But looking at Nepal’s packed top order and team combination, he can came good at this number. As he is busy player, he like his bat to meet the ball every time. This kind of character will help Nepal to finish the maximum matches

Sompal Kami :-

Sompal Kami uses his body, wrist and fingers to bowl. He has a ability to swing the ball. He can and is surely Nepal’s pace bowling spearhead and need to be in his best for best possible outcome for Nepal with a bit control of swing. He can also contribute some handsome run for Nepal down the order.

Karan KC :-

Karan KC is the most improved pace bowler of Nepal. He became more dangerous after addition of variation on his pocket. He can be monster for opposition batsmen with his short ball and full ball. He hit the deck very hard and that can come very handy in Namibian condition. His aggressive pace bowling is what Nepal needs at the moment.

Basant Regmi :-

“Wine gets better with the age”, yes this quotes perfectly suits veteran spinner, Basant Regmi. He was leading wicket taker of recently concluded EPL.

Leading wicket taker of TVS EPL 2017, Basant Regmi.

He can  take out cream from opposition’s middle order in any condition. He can also smash ball in last few overs.

Lalit Bhandari :-

Left-arm medium pacer, Bhandari has already shown his caliber in EPL and against UAE. Inclusion of left-arm pacer will certainly help Nepal to bring variation in their bowling department.

So, this is our playing XI. Many of you may disagree with it as it was very tough. Exclusion of Sandeep Lamichhane, Aarif Sheikh, Rohit Paudel and Shakti Gauchan was very tough task to do. Number 11 spot was of Sandeep Lamichhane. It was his spot, it is his spot and it will be his spot as he earn it through his performance. But, Nepal cannot be so much of predictable and one dimensional at this level. The condition demand three genuine pacer so Lamichhane should make the way to add one more pacer to Nepal’s line-up. Even world number 1 spinner, Ravi Ashwin was left out of the Indian line-up on Australia tour in early 2016. So looking at the condition and demand of the situation, Sandeep should make the way for Lalit Bhandari, at least for this tournament. The selection between Anil Kumar Sah, Rohit Kumar Paudel and Aarif Sheikh was very tough task to do. But considering the Anil’s ability to deal with short ball put him ahead of them for this tournament.

It was our view, Nepal’s team selection committee may have different view as its going to be very tough for them. And this kind of head-ache is always good sign for every team.

Nepal will fly to UAE for a week long camp in ICC Global Academy on January 27.


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