Trit: A new star in the dooming sky

Trit Raj Das receiving Man of the against Himalayan C.A

Trit Raj Das- remember the name, for you may soon see it inscribed on a Team Nepal jersey.

At only 15 years of age, the batsman from Kalaiya– a land known for its mass-production of terrific cricket players has shown sensible batting mindset.

He was born on 17th October 2001 and spent all of his childhood in a humble background of Kalaiya. With deep love and care from mother Rita Das and Father Baiju Das. He got the cricketing environment from very early age as his father and brother, Swaraj Das, both were cricket passionate guy. From idolizing his father to practicing with him, his journey towards his dream is on perfect track till now.

The baby-faced, elegant middle-order batsman, Das had recently selected for Nepal (U-16) team for ACC Eastern Region Tournament 2017 and succeed to show his potential there. It was his first step on a pathway to greatness. He was declared as a batsman of the tournament. He was the leading run scorer of that tournament with one half-century score against Myanmar. According to our recent telephonic interaction with him, he admitted that his father is his greatest strength and motivator. His father was also cricket loving youngster at his age but failed to continue it due to the economical crisis. His cricketing journey started from the roof of his house where he used to play cricket along with his father and brother. After, he started to play cricket outside with tennis ball from the age of 8 years. His first stitch ball tournament or first recognizing tournament was an Inter-school tournament.

Trit Raj Das receiving Man of the against Himalayan C.A

He participated in that tournament when he was studying in grade VII. Moving forward, he played several tournaments and succeed to score runs consistently. Last season Samsadha Cup was his turning point as his great form in it lead him to the senior side of Kalaiya cricket club. Practicing under the light of Sanjam Regmi, Anil Kumar Sah and Pawan Sarraf helped him a lot to sharpen his skills.

Later on, he was selected to regional cricket camp for U16 national team selection. He didn’t fail to impress selectors there and got selected for Nepal U16 cricket team.

Trit Raj Das receiving man of the match during San U16 T20 tournament

His life gets turned around from that ACC U16 Eastern Region Tournament. His mother was so much support to him in every field but she wasn’t supportive of his cricketing desire.

Hence, she used to jerk him daily but after this tournament, she started to praise him. He is currently studying in grade X and preparing for his board exam. According to him, after this board exam, he will travel to Kathmandu and will settle there in one of the academy. After then, he will give his all focus on cricket. He wants to be on the national side in near future and will give his everything to achieved ICC full membership for Nepal. According to him, he wants to dedicate everything to his father and uncle, Sunil Das. His uncle had gifted him the first cricket kit of his life.

Quick Fire Questions Segment with Trit Raj Das:-

1. Inspiring cricketer?
– MS Dhoni.

2. Favorite cricketer?
– Gautam Ghambir.

3. Bowler, whose bowl you want to face?
– Mitchel Starc.

4. Favorite Nepalese celebrity?
– Anmol KC.

5. Favorite food?
– Rice and Lentils.

6. Dream holiday destination?
– Paris.

7. If you get two tickets for Paris, with whom you will travel?
– Amm, girlfriend.



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