NCSS: Changes starts from us


From a small cricket’s news portal group to a strongest right hand of Nepalese cricket fan. The journey of Nepali Cricket Supporters Society under the leadership of inspiring warrior, Bhanu Sigdel, hasn’t been any less than incentive story. A few years ago, Bhanu Sigdel had started a Facebook group to provide a fresh information about Nepal cricketing scenario. In-between his these experience, he quickly realized that this wasn’t enough to put an impact on Nepal’s cricket.

After then, he collected approximately 20-22 colleagues and started to work for the welfare of Nepali cricket. From cleaning the ground to pressurizing the administrative, NCSS hasn’t failed to work for the edifying of Nepali cricket.

Effective leaders inspire movements that exist only when people choose to move in the same direction.The leader’s job is to inspire people to work together in the service of something greater than themselves. And Bhanu Sigdel has done it perfectly and led his warriors in the same direction for the service of Nepali cricket. Truly inspiring leaders like Sigdel can find the bright side of an issue. Bhanu Sigdel knows that doom and gloom accomplish nothing, so he remains beacons of positivity in the face of challenges and failures. Of course, problems happen and troubleshooting is inevitable. But if you want to be a truly inspirational as Bhanu Sigdel, show others the silver lining.


Nepali cricket was on its worst stage, with numerous corruption issue and political interfere but Bhanu Sigdel along with his team never gave up and works continuously without any benefit and Lowe. They never failed to inspire us, they work together and raise the voice of Nepal’s cricket fans.

Nepal’s blind cricketer forced to travel by train and bus for participating in world cup due to financial problem and government’s negligence. Team works could really achieve a dream work, this statement is yet again proved right by NCSS. They didn’t fail to shine again as they along with your support will bring back Nepal’s blind cricketer home after a tournament through airways.

They are running 15 days long campaign to collect fund to bring back them through airways. Skipper Paras Khadka followed by other numerous aid hands take part in this campaign with the contribution as per their capacity. Its 3rd day of the 15 days long campaign and as per the information on today’s 9 am, the campaign has succeeded to collect rs. 199846 cash fund and other rs. 150000 outlawing cash. That means, they collect rs. 349846 till now and very near to our common dream of flying them back. It’s not compulsion to contribute the higher amount, but your tiny contribution can really motivate them and give them the feeling of union.

Following are the ways of contribution:-
1. You can deposit money into the official bank account of NCSS.
(Global IME Bank, NCSS, 0801010001587)

2. Retail help (below rs. 1000) can be done with Esewa id. (Esewa no. 9841163260)
3. If you want to contribute through IME from inside or outside the nation then, you can send in the name of NCSS treasurer, Pramod Bajracharya, Kathmandu.
4. If you desire to hand over money by your hand then, meet up with Bhanu Sigdel (9851148528) or Pramod Bajracharya (9841163260)

They will hand-over this amount to blind cricket association Nepal and will try to bring them back through airways. If unfortunately, enough amount will not be there by the end of the campaign then, each member of blind cricket team will get a cash prize as the appreciation of their courageous work.

Let us get a step closer to their campaign and contribution as per our capacity to make a huge difference. Thank you so much NCSS for providing us an opportunity to help those inspiring persons and write about their passion.


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