A statanalysis of rough patches in Nepali Cricket


UAE beat Nepal by 7 wickets yesterday. UAE chased down the target of 222 set by Nepal in 45.5 over. This win will surely boost host confidece but when you think about the visitor Nepal, Nothing is going well for them despite a harsh dedication from their player. Although, Nepal lost the match yesterday but there is several positives one can take from that match. Nepal batted for full 50 overs yesterday and completed 50 overs of play with lose of just 6 wicket. Nepal have scored 50 runs and lost 1 wicket in last 6 overs of play which is so strange and rare. Nepal lost their first wicket in 15th over yesterday, as the opener dedication was too high. Then, Gyanendra Malla and Sharad Vesawkar read the situation well and tighten up their hips to made the long partnership. They gave out their best and succeed to bat together for 10 over beforing Gyanendra Malla was trapped infront of wicket. Gyanendra Malla scored half century and left the ground then skipper Paras Khadka attained the ground. He tried to accelerate the Nepal inning which was actually situation demanding at that moment. He was hitting boundary on a good average but failed to rotate a strike hence he lost his wicket soon. Then Aarif Sheikh looked promising but he was unfortunate to lost his wicket through runout. Binod Bhandari who is known for his hitting ability joined the crease but he looks so unconscious about the situation and couldn’t contribute much to his team. Sharad Vesawkar hung in one side and took his team forward. Sompal Kami and Basant Regmi provide handy support to Vesawkar hence Sharad 95 ball 81 run had propelled Nepal to a useful total of 221. Later UAE took on a debutant, Lalit Bhandari and took their score forward on rocket pace. Lalit too was showing great display of swing bowling but he was helpless with couple of catch being dropped of his bowling. Sandeep Lamichhane, promising legspinner took a scalps of UAE. That was tough day for Nepalese spinner after a fiery start from UAE. Hence, Nepal gave out their everything but lost the match in the end.

Although things didn’t go too bad but Nepal failed to win a match. Why ? Sometimes instead of blaming players, we should focus on what is going wrong with the team. Try to remember when Nepalese player play 50 over domestic tournament last time? There is no any 50 over tournament in Nepal where the opposition had just played four day match against Afghanistan. Nepal’s batting is so dimensional every time. When it comes to defence, they look to defend every ball and when it comes to hitting, they look the swing their bat every time ball comes towards them. Even the players knew these things but only having knowledge isn’t enough. They need more match practice and longer format tournament in domestic circuit to implement their knowledge and talent

Here below we would like to discuss over some technical errors of Nepal Cricket Team Management is doing un noticingly

  1. 6 Batsman strategy.

I think this is the main error of Nepal cricket team management over the period of time. Everyone even the statue in Nepal know that batting is the issue of concern in Nepal cricket team. Nepal’s bowling has been excellent since the beginning of the cricket in Nepal. But what Nepal always lacks is batting performance. Nepal used to have tail anders in the crease in last 10 overs of play so they failed to accelerate the innings which is so understable as you can’t expect too much from tail anders. Nepal cricket team is gifted with several batsman likes of Paras Khadka, Dipendra Airee, Sagar Pun who can even bowl full quota of 10 over. Despite having plenty number of all-rounder in the side, Nepal used to take on the field with 6 batsmen and 5 genuine bowlers. Check the scorecard of Nepal, you will find one among five genuine bowler had only got chance to bowl three four over of bowling. They are elected on the side to bowl three over ? why not Nepal take on the field with 7 batsmen ? These are the question you can rise to Nepal cricket team management. Let us not look far back, just check the scorecard of Nepal against Hong Kong. Nepal elected Sushan Bhari in the team and gave him 4 over of bowling spell. Was he elected in team for four over of bowling ? If Nepal had 7 batsman in the side in that encounter scenario might fall differently? This is just for instance. These things are happening in every Nepal’s team match. Check out the scorecard of yesterday match against UAE, you will find incomplete quota of every bowler despite their good bowling. Out of 13 matches in this ICC WCCL 2015-17, Nepal had used 7 batsman theory in 4 matches and succeed to win 3 matches out of the 4 matches. Nepal was getting success through this theory but again why they stick back to 6 batsmen formation.


Here we decided to look up again towards Nepal WCCL every round matches and their team formation.

(I) 1st round was interrupted by rain and match was shorten so it wouldn’t be appropriate to judge the team formation.

(II) Nepal played PNG in the second round of WCLC . Nepal lost both of the game there. Win and lose is part of game but matter of concern for us is the team formation. Let us quickly look at the bowlers and no. of over they bowled in that match.

S Kami – 9 over

S Gauchan – 7 over

P Khadka – 7 over

M Alam – 9 over

I Ahamad – 6 over

Basant – 4 over

SPun – 7 over.

Basant Regmi and Irshad Ahamad were on the team to bowl 10 over together. Your all-rounder (Khadka and Pun) can give you 14 over together then whyn’t Nepal shorten a bowler and play with 7 batsman ?

(III) Third round of the tournament was against Namibia. Nepal used 7 batsman theory and succeed to win both of the match. Did Nepal face bowlers problem in that match? Answer is no. They still had some unused option left in that match.

(IV) Nepal played against Netherlands in the 4th round of tournament. They succeed to win a match against strong opponent. They had used 7 batsmen formation in that round too.

(V) Nepal played against Kenya in the 5th round of tournament. Nepal managed to win a match in that round but again matter of concern is the team formation. Why they again stick back to 6 batsman formation despite having success by 7 batsman formation ? Mehboob Alam was on the team in the first match but he remained unused ? if you don’t need his bowling then why he was on the team. Similarly Shakti Gauchan just bowled 2 overs in next match. It wasn’t because he was bowling bad, it was because Nepal all-rounder can also bowl full quota.

Nepal bowling scorecard vs Hong Kong.

(IV) Sixth round was against Hong Kong I already discussed about it above. Story could had been different if they had one extra batsman on that day.

(2) Non distinguishing players role –

Nepal team management used to poke their players with their batting order and place in team. Young star player Aarif Sheikh had played several matches as an opener and pushed back at lower middle order in several matches. Batsmen do need some matches to get settle in particulars batting order but he isn’t getting continuous matches at same number. Same things are happening with Sagar Pun too. Team Management need to give them some matches at same number and need to give them a clear view on what teay want from that player, opener or finisher? Similarly, team is poking many players in that one bowling spot. Before they tried Irshad Ahmed then Avinash Karn, Karan KC and now Lalit Singh Bhandari. Why Karan KC wasn’t in playing XI despite good performance recently? He bowled exceptionally well against Hong Kong with the figure of (8-2-22-2) but didn’t get match yesterday. When he will comeback in team now, He should play for his spot or for the team ? He always used to have that pressure on him every time he ran in to bowl.

Nepal cricket team need to adress these things very soon. They must keep in mind that, Nepal has a huge fan following and every result is hurting them so much.


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