Nepal’s statanalysis of Youth Asia U19 tournament

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Its been a week since Nepal U19 Cricket Team returned back to their nation after the successful and mesmerizing Youth Asia Cup but still you can experience an excited type of energy if you remind any of Nepalese fan about this tournament. Nepal Cricket Team won several important trophies but it’s hard to imagine more energy and wave of joy for Nepalese fans like this tournament have ponder.

Take the thing you have needed the most in your life ? to hold the hand of the One, perhaps, or a fish-finger sandwich when all you have to cook in the flat is bread, fresh air and some intimidatingly funky cheese – multiply it by a thousand and you’re still nowhere near. Those of us who are not from Nepal have not got a clue how big and successful tournament was that. It took the pride of the nation to another level, It has somehow created the new defination of cricket in the mind of young Nepalese cricketer. It might boost up the dream and confidence of many Nepalese young cricketer. It might give motivation to young growing cricketer of nation who have kept their cricketing passion on side for their secure future. It might provide motivation to those adult Nepal Cricket Team followers who have rarely got chance to cheers their side on global events. Literally it was just a tournament but it carried lots of emotion and feelings of Nepalese players and fans. I remember Nepal’s winning moment and fans reaction after they demolished the test playing nation or you can call a nation which somehow created their impulse of cricket, India. Right in the beginning of the match, A dozen pairs of eyeballs were on cricket based Facebook pages or on ACC official sites and millions of Nepalese fans became, the prayer Signifying in unison. Nepal kept on losing wickets, fans got tired of throwing out prayers but then, something strange happened.     Dipendra Singh Airee – a batsman whose earnest twiddling occasionally feels as anachronistic in that hyper-powered modern game as a guy reading a book in the middle of a rave – comes alive. Whatever happened on another end he kept on holding his end and kept on ticking the scorecard. His heroic innings took Nepal to the score of 185 runs but still it was very much of below par total specially against the Indian batting side. And what happen on second innings became history. After India’s strong start of the inning, later Dipendra Airee himself tears through the fear of Indian middle and lower order. With every wicket, a terrific, disbelieving roar went up. At some point in late afternoon, it became clear that Nepal were going to win. The final wicket from Shahab Alam was greeted with a convulsion of noise and relief from team management and fans. Team management applauded wildly. Fans and senior players lashed-out their feelings through different medium of social media. Numerous light blazing and victory rally took place. It was not less than a boon to Nepalese fans. After then, Nepal qualified for the semi-final with convincing win against Malaysia and travelled back to home after a bad day at office against Afghanistan.

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Although it was a dream tournament but Nepal need to be very hurry to rectify their traditional error of batting failure which showed them a way back to home. Nepal achieved more than what they were expecting but it was very worst batting display from Nepal on that tournament too which were hidden by excellent bowling performance in first three group stage matches. You may not trust me but you must trust the stats as they never lie. Nepal batsmen have faced altogether 741 balls on Youth Asia Cup and scored just 506 runs that included 36  runs through extra (including all extras) means Nepal scored only 470 runs through the bat, throughout the tournament. Among 741 balls that Nepal had faced, 503 balls were dot balls where Nepal managed to score 156 runs through singles, only 54 runs through doubles and just 12 runs through triples whereas Nepal scored 152 runs through Fours and 96 runs through Sixes. Nepal lost their 26 wickets in 124 overs in ACC Youth Asia Cup.

No. of balls Nepal had faced :- 741.


No. of runs Nepal had scored :- 506.

No. of runs through the bat :- 470

No. of dot balls :- 503.

No. of runs through singles :- 156.

No. of runs through doubles :- 54.

No. of runs through triples :- 12.

No. of runs through Fours :- 152.

No. of runs through Sixes :- 96.

No. of wickets lost :- 26.

Number of Nepal’s batsman showed their talent when they first donned the Nepalese colours, the likes of Paras Khadka, Gyanendra Malla, Sharad Vesawkar are self-assured, resilient, fiercely talented and more but Nepal isn’t being able to take of their those character on regular occasion. No one can blame on the talent and potential of most of Nepalese batsman but why don’t we see it through consistent performance over the years ? Today, though, Dipendra Airee seemed to have outmoded his predecessors in a manner that will make him the face of Nepal’s cricket’s next generation but not sure Nepal would be able to convert him into the consistent performer or not. If one young batsman goes by the exterior looks- the spiky hair, tattoos, the swagger and arrogance, they might prefer to go after the bowling right from the beginning, and to keep hitting it till they last.

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It takes your breath away when it comes off, and looks awful when it doesn’t, taking a bit of a risk seems to be the new way of living but you need have a self-control at the beginning of every innings as it is the primary reason for the consistent performances. One can take the example of modern batting Mozart, Virat Kohli to prove these things correct. Nepal batsman need to be very passionate in the starting phase of their innings as they seems to be in hurry every time, they play lots of dot ball which create the urgency to hit quick runs resulted their batting collapse most of the time. It might be the reflection of too many limited over version of domestic tournament in Nepal in tge recent time. Many had already written so many things about the solution of Nepalese batting problems so I don’t feel necessity to write more but Nepal’s team management need to address their solution quickly and work on it in order to move on the same path which is just created by Nepal U19 cricket team.


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