TVS Everest premier League: – A Cricketenment Led by a Dreamer


After a series of juggling words in the nooks as well as the corners of my brain, finally, I am being able to gather few of them alongside the last sip of the local tea from a busy corner of newly formed walking streets of Thamel. As always you all might guess what were those juggling words in this short footed guy’s brain?

To make all of your doubts clear, without keeping it more suspense like in one of those suspense thrillers, I had an image of a man who is in a course of single-handedly driving the fate of Nepali Cricket to the top of the world with giving all of him as he does in most of his job. A dreamer, an entrepreneur, a cricket lover and a son of his motherland, yes he is the marvelous Aamir Akhtar.

The ex- Nepali U-19 player, a mystic fast bowler, as well as a swift personality whose movement is always on the go like acceleration on the pedal for most of the powerful engines, his single-handed energy, is taking cricket to the next level in Nepal. He never had is appetite limited as a fast bowler only and still when you see him facing
questions, you could easily guess what an all-around option he might have given to his captain in his playing days.

As a result, when you dust off some old files from the short cricketing history of Nepali cricketer playing overseas you would find his name as a captain to led Luton cricket team(England) for 2 years and don’t be astonished if I tell you he played for British Universities Sports Association (BUSA) leagues regularly.


What encapsulates my brain is the fact that the man himself captivates his thought and makes his dream a priority which most of the envisioned entrepreneur don’t do it regularly; at least not in Nepal. I got an opportunity to realize this fact when I went through one of his interview where he clearly mentioned about why Everest Premier League then would go on in spite of all the difficulties as “Success is a byproduct of all the hardship and toughness presented to you”.

The Managing Director of Zohra Sports which eventually is the biggest sports venture producing corporate leagues like NPL and now EPL domestic T20 league that is looking to serve as a platform to produce bench players adding national strength for cricket in Nepal. The 2nd edition of the event as explained by the founder of NPL himself, Akhtar describes the upcoming tournament to be totally different than what Nepalese fan would expect it to be.

It not only holds a new logo or new technical changes, everybody concerned with this event has come out with some new bunch of energies that really is a go-to thing missing in Nepali Cricket. 6 cities would cherish themselves in the Centre stage where everybody’s dream would be to support their team to win every match they participate.

With the winning prize and its amount on the breaking news of the local channels, Akhtar emphasizes on a fact that a talent hunt would be conducted by the concerned franchises or the owners of every team taking part in the competitions in their respected city to yield young talents for the future.

Right from the way it goes, the things look promising and smooth as EPL is nearing the door of the opening ceremony with every hour passing by. Recently, TVS motor company signed an agreement with EPL as a title sponsor where a lot of positive outcomes were highlighted with short yet powerful speeches from R. Dilip, Senior Vice President, International Business, TVS Motor Company who signified why this league is important in Nepal.

Similarly, a righteous spirit reflected from the statement that luckily felt into my ears from Mr. Shahil Agrawal, MD Jagadamba Motors Pvt. Ltd. (JMPL) that “It’s not about the league that matters, all that matter is to be in association with cricket”.

Hence, a man and his vision is finally striking in lot of the people’s brain who once denied this league naming it as a fraud league that needed to be transparent is making its way to get a grand
opening on December 19, 2017, in the Tribhuwan university Cricket ground where 6 cities with 6 flairs of cricket would mark the history of the beginning of the real league of cricket in Nepal.

The 12- day tournament is a huge hit before its start and believes me these 19 matches would seem less for the crowd as this Round Robin league would offer the Cricketenment that people would remember for a long period of time.


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