Nepali Cricket in Dilemma: A fan’s calling


Recently Nepal Cricket Team was demoted to Division two of World Cricket League. After a loss and a washout against HongKong, Nepal demotion was confirmed. After this sudden downfall, Nepal’s fan became infuriated. They became very perplexed. We as a very hopeful fan following can understand their feelings, They want their side to reach the maximum height and their expectation is very high but it is not up to you whether to win or lose. Ultimately, this might not be your day if you lose after very much of hard work. And it is that philosophy towards sports, something that you must really truly live by. You are emotional. You want to win. You are hungry to reach the maximum level. You are a great fighter but failed at a crucial level. You have that fire. But deep down, You must truly enjoy the art of competing so much more than the result. Nepal fans want their team to win, it is normal to have such feelings as everyone wants to win but you shouldn’t lose your hope and passion after some downfall. You should show the same spirit towards your team. Yes, you might be disappointed but its ok as this is also a part of the game. Your team will get more time to add up some skills which are essential to be featured at ODI level. Maximum fans are blaming the coaching staffs and captaincy for their downfall. It might be or not but if you review the stats and circumstances there is no one better than Paras Khadka who can lead the Nepalese side forward. It might be true that he might not be up to his standard recently but he is the best product that Nepal has ever produced up to now. His experience as a captain from age level cricket is surely a plus point for Nepal Cricket Team. Under his captaincy, Nepal won the 2010 ICC World Cricket League Division Five in Nepal, 2012 ICC World Cricket League Division Four in Malaysia, 2012 ACC Trophy Elite in UAE, 2013 ICC World Cricket League Division Three in Bermuda, 2014 ICC World Cricket League Division Three in Malaysia, participated.

These are somethings which we can illustrate in our words. Taking a Division five standard team to Division one in seven years is something which might be easy to say but very hard to get achieved. He has been fighting as a backup of Nepal Cricket Team since 12 years. He has won 24 Man of The Match awards and 4 Man of The Series awards for Nepal Senior Cricket Team. Nepal’s fans must hold back and keep the same spirit of their team which is many essential elements at this condition. They must remember one very popular quotes “A lion take a step back not because he is scared, its because to create momentum to attack biggest succumbs” Likewise this Nepal Cricket team’s step back might be to create momentum for ICC World Cup Qualifier 2018.

Together we can move mountains if all of us move forward with a similar positivity. If not today then when we would be able to win some crucial matches that would take the pride of the nation to the next level. More 50 overs or long format must be played by Nepal to be able to stand in their firm ground. Toiling hard would not only cement their batting order but also increase their probability to win the matches on the battlefield where we are never ready to give up. In such a dilemma, Cricket fans in Nepal must support and love cricket in a similar manner as before and focus on the selection of youngsters who are matured beyond their age. If we don’t care then who does? If not today then when? If not for cricket then for what? The question will keep on rhyming rhythmically as well as keep on coming with utmost reverberation for many years from now on.


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