Nepal Vs Hongkong: A Fight Between Hope and Weather


2015–17 ICC World Cricket League Championship

Mission Road Ground, Mong Kok Pic – CricTotal

The (2015–17) ICC World Cricket League Championship is the second edition of the Limited-Over version of the ICC Intercontinental Cup. It is running from 2015 until 2017, in parallel with the (2015-17) ICC Intercontinental Cup. Following recent success both Ireland and Afghanistan have been promoted to the main One Day International (ODI) ranking table and will not compete in this tournament. Instead, Kenya and Nepal have been included in the tournament. The 6th round of WCLC starts with a kick-off where Nepal is facing Hongkong in their backyard. As the stage is all set for fans to roar and platform is totally ready for the players to exhibit their game, both teams will surely reimburse their everything for couple of wins here but still there is some aspect which is beyond the player’s hand. Somehow this aspect will surely strain both side players and management. Yes you are absolutely correct; if you are brooding about weather, today we will serve you the Information about the possibility of rain taking part in these couple of encounter and its Inflection on team tournament stands.

13TH OCTOBER Its poor day for cricket fans. According to forecast report 82°F will be the average surrounding temperature of a day with cloud most of the time alongside tiny showers. There is high possibility of thunderstorm continuously whole day. It is most probably the humid day on the card for players. Tiny bit of showers on the morning and 62% probability of rain on late afternoon are predicted by meteorologists. Well the remaining play of the day could’ve shifted into reserve day (i.e. OCT 14) but there is even worse weather forecast for that day with 83% of rain possibility.

15TH OCTOBER it’s even the poor day for game but comparatively clear day than first match fixture. 83°F will be the average surrounding temperature of a day with 25% probability of rain in morning hour but expected to be clear in the afternoon. Periods of clouds and sun can be observed in whole day. We can expect a full match on that particular day as rain is likely to falls on morning hours. Opposition failure is equally crucial here as victory for both of the team is what they will be playing for. Among one side between Nepal and HongKong along with Kenya seem the candidates for 4th place of competition. Top three sides Netherlands, PNG and Scotland have strong grip on the qualification. Both teams will be beneficial if opponent remains pointless. Either of team don’t want washout while Kenya must be delighted with these weather forecast report. Nepal specially don’t want washout as they are 3 points behind HongKong and 2 points behind Kenya. They would surely like to have one point lead over HongKong at the end of round six with both victories here. On other hand HongKong will look to cement their place on No.4 with couple of wins here. If they managed to get couple of win here they will be in much relief and secure on 15 points as Kenya have tough four matches on hand.

One washout can be considerable but if both matches get washout than it would create very worst condition for Nepalese qualification scenario. In such case, Nepal must depend upon other team results on 7th Round of tournament. HongKong would be still on comfortable position (In case of both matches washout) but they surely don’t want to take their qualification scenario till last match as they should face more strong opponent PNG on 7th round of the tournament. So, both team players and fan might have finger crossed and they might be hoping for result on their favor. "Rain Rain Go Away" should be their favorite line at least for a week now. Nepalese team along with their fans must communicate the rain gods as little drizzle would washout their hope of playing 2019 World Cups which eventually would be a closed door for a wrong lapse of time.



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