ICC World Cricket League | Nepali Cricket Team Practice Session


Small Himalayan kingdom Nepal was devastated and broken by the earthquake and series of unofficial trade blockade from India recently. They are trying to recover from all these sufferings and sorrow through many means and undoubtedly Cricket being one of the means and are most loved sports in the country with the massive supports from all over the nation. The last official match(ACC Twenty20 Cup) organized by Asian cricket council at Tribhuwan university International Cricket Ground had managed to get around 25,000 home supporters and more than 10 million active viewers all over the country.

Nepal is known as heaven of associates and affiliate in case of home crowd with no other associates having such massive followers and even they are ahead of some ODI status nation.

Nepal will play its 5th match of World Cricket League against Namiba on 16th April, 2016. Remaining on the bottom of points table they may lack confidence but support from the home crowd (expected 25,000) and the hard work from the energetic and ambitious side may boost up their confidence.

Cricket Concern collected some glimpses of Nepali Cricket Team practice session at Tribhuvan University International Cricket ground Kirtipur for the upcoming matches against Namibia at 16th and 18th of April, 2016.


Video by @Mahesh Dhimal – Designer/Photographer at CricketConcern

Previously ICC has decided to shift the home match from Nepal to Dharamsala,India showing the reason of lack in preparation and ongoing conflicts in Cricket Board of Nepal, but later on special request from Nepalese side succeeded  in bringing it back to Nepal. The disappointed fans seem extremely happy by the latter decision of ICC.

It has always been amazing see the craze and passion of Nepalese towards sport;  especially when it’s an international cricket match played  in their backyard , same has been expected this time as well

Match Venue

Saturday 9:30 a.m  Apr 16 (50 ovs) ICC World Cricket League Championship
   Nepal v Namibia
   Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground, Kirtipur

Monday 9:30 a.m Apr 18 (50 ovs) ICC World Cricket League Championship

   Nepal v Namibia
   Tribhuvan University International Cricket Ground, Kirtipur


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