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Glimpse of 1992 Cricket World Cup 

The 1992 world cup winners are always the biggest giant in the modern cricket. Time has changed and so is this giant nation called Pakistan cricket team. “Fortunes favors the brave “a famous saying has worked for Pakistan in 1992 world cup. Pakistan lost 3 of their first 5 matches. They were nearly eliminated in the first round of the tournament after being bowled out for 74 runs against England, until the match that was declared as a “no result” due to rain after which Pakistan won five successive matches, including, the semis against the host New Zealand and the final against the England, a team that almost eliminated them form the world cup, which won Pakistan, the first ever world cup under their captain Imran khan.


Who could forget that wonderful speech that I heard as an archive of the great speeches of all time in world. In 2009 the world cup again went to Pakistan but this time the format of the game was different it was the T20 world cup held in ENGLAND beating Sri Lanka in the finals by eight wickets although Pakistan had begun the tournament slowly losing two of their first three matches. If we compared the Pakistan cricket in past and recent times cricket has changed in Pakistan Literally.



Beautiful 90’s for Pakistan

Pakistan was a power house in past in all departments, worked well, batting was better and bowling, that department belongs to them in present too. But in recent years it’s looked like Pakistan is playing game in the hope of its bowling department. If we see from the fan’s perspective, they talk about the Pakistan batsman and the names they  pronounce are all of past players like Javed Miandad, Shoaib Mohammad, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yousuf, Saeed Anwar, Zaheer Abbas, and yes we cannot deny the fact that the names of recent players are still lacking and the names that we get latest in the list consists  of  Sahid Afridi , Misbah-ul-Haq, Younus Khan, Shoaib Malik,  and a whole new bunch of players as exclusive batting potentials are still lacking to perform .


Now the biggest IF’s of Pakistan cricket rises among the Fans that Where could they find the new star and new batsman in team, when will the 1992 come back  in present days and how is it possible to transform their present games with all aggression and appeal in the cricket field? Can anybody bring the rising star like Inzamam-ul-Haq which was discovered in 1992 as a rising star and now considered as cricketing Legend because of his natural timing and leadership qualities? .Let’s not go too far let’s revive  at the recent world cup 2015,Will anybody find a single  game that Pakistan won due to their batting ? The answer would be no and it’s crystal clear that it’s all about bowling department that helped them to qualify till quarter final.


Bowling: “Strength of Pakistan Cricket Team” 

Bowling is a power house and yes Pakistan is a bowler producing team, we can see a new face in every tournament. Every month the young talents are not difficult to find in bowling department as compared to batting department. The 3 names in past waqar, wasim and sohaib who changed the frame of fast bowling and took the tag away from west indies who were the team with best fast bolwers of that Golden Era containing names like Malcolm Marshall , Joel Garner, Micheal Holding and so on. Bolwing department is still a great one for them with  fresh  faces of many such as Esan Adil, Wahab Riaz, Yashir shah, Imran khan, Mohomad Irfan, Saeed  Ajmal, Zulfiqar Babar, Sohail Khan  and so on  and  they are still holding  the tag of best bowling unit .

But Pakistan cricket is declining in recent years with much trouble with them as no national games in home recently, no any international exposure like many other test playing nations, no one in famous Pepsi IPL Tournament in India, and various personally raised problems such as match fixing scandal, ball tempering, pushing their glory some decade behind.


Possible Reason of Downfall of Pakistani Cricket Team

The reason behind the decline could be the change now and then in team and no consistency in team, change in playing squad recently, various experiment and more focus in bowling attack then in batting and a change in captain in each and every format .If we look at the captain in Pakistan team it is like different mind working differently with different approach. So how can players adapt themselves in different format and different ideology in each format?  Why Dhoni is successful and India has succeeded?  The answer is because Dhoni has taken all formats, except test in present but in each format that he has shouldered responsibility he has succeeded whether we see the stats in T20 World Cup or in 2011 ODI world cup or making India number 1 test team which proves that one ideology is easy to adapt then different for team members in many format.


             Pakistan Cricket is a capable unit and all it can do at present is hunt for young talented batsmen that could hold the Pakistani batting unit together. Aamir Sohail, Salim Malik, Ijaz Ahmed, Saeed Anwar can only be produced if leaders like Imran khan is made to lead in the team. Cricket is eagerly waiting for the rise of Pakistani Cricket team. A time that battles hard in the cricketing field and adds taste to the defensive game making it aggressive than it could ever get. Development is not just about playing it’s about an act that makes the game flow in your direction.


The time for change in course of history has already begun and all one need is a huge alarming call to the Board, management, coach and captain.



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