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Batting is an asset of any team in any format of the game in Cricket. It is the basis for any team to win the match. Until any team bat well, it couldn’t defend the game in its favor. Today let’s move into the inspection of the latest innings played by eight of the top order batsmen making an impact on the Nepalese total, affecting bowling and fielding in a fast and entertaining game like T20 where strike rate matters most and maneuvering singles into double and double into triple is a class act.

Regarding this aspect of the game, batting has a real impact in the Nepalese game. Let me start with Pradeep Airee, real attacking mode batsmen who are unstoppable if he is on song. His last 5 innings in batting is 13, 6, 18, 0, and 6. It doesn’t generally justify his talent but this is reality. So he should basically concentrate in his shot selection and adapt himself to his natural style of batting. If we concentrate in his T20 innings, he has already played 19 innings he has a strike rate of 113.33 which is the third impressive strike rate after Skipper Paras Khadka and Sompal Kami. In his last 4 T20is Airee scored just 30 runs with an awful average of 7.40 with an impressive strike rate of 130.43.
Moving forward to this, now I would like to spread light into Subash Khakurel, a promising opener who has just limited himself in promise these days. Although his stats suggests an impressive inning is about to begin. His last 5 innings counts all small digits 1, 5, 0, 14 and 6. As an impressive batsman Khakurel got great comments in the 50 overs U-19 world cup from Rameez Raja and Sanjay Manjreker. Manjreker stated,” A resounding defense defines the class act of a young talent of an impressive country.” Similarly Rameez Raja quoted, “This guy is a real potential to the Nepalese batting line up.” He has played 17 matches and in his 17 innings that featured Khakurel, he has an impressive average of 20.23 with a shocking strike rate of 88.88. In his last 7 T20 International matches he scored 110 runs with an average of 15.71 and the most worst part his strike rate of 80.88. To all the fans expectation, Khakurel must lift himself in the top of the order and try to get out of wasting deliveries.

I will talk about Binod Bhandari and his irresponsible part as middle order batsmen. Although he showed a very promising start but the recent part of his career is proving himself as a very irresponsible batsmen getting out in same fashion. His last 5 innings exactly justifies what I told earlier. He has 7, 0, DNB, 13, 1, and 2. In a total of 18 innings he played he has 176 runs at an average of 12.57. His strike rate is 108.64. The real problem is in 8 T20is he has featured he just scored 27 runs with a very poor average of 4.50 and strike rate is very astonishing 56.25. Bhandari must clear his head and focus on punishing the loose deliveries while take good care of the good deliveries bowled at him.

My next featured player is Sharad Vaeswakar, a man with a boom boom tag in Nepali cricket. Who could forget that impressive innings against Hongkong and his finishing touch? Who could take that out of memory? His last innings is not bad at all. It counts 38*, DNB, 12, 24, 18, 10. His total runs count 427 in his last 23 innings that he featured. His average is 25.11, with not so impressive strike rate of 96.38. Similarly, in his last 7 T20is he has featured he scored 155 runs with an average of 22.14 but strike rate is similar as before counting 96.87. He should focus his inning and increase the rate of hitting the ball, Sharad Vaeswakar needs to justify his boom boom ability.
Similarly an all-round player Sagar Pun is a gift to Nepalese team who could contribute with his off break, technically sound batting and fielding is an additional quality what he possesses. But his talent is rightly against the stat what I am presenting you now. His last 4 innings is creating a headache to the team management, captain and coach. It reads as 6, 1, 0*, 4, 5. In 16 innings out of 17 matches he played he has just scored 163 runs with an annoying average of 11.21. If you see his strike rate it’s just 91.57. The worst part is his last 6 T20is he just scored 44 runs at an average of 7.33 with a very poor strike rate of 75.86. Sagar pun shouldn’t make his career slide downward in such a busy calendar of his country’s cricket. Somebody needs to give him a quick wakeup call and it should be done now.
After this I want to dissect the stats of vice-captain of Nepalese team Gyanendra Malla, only guy with 360 degree mode of hitting all across the wagon wheel. A lot is expected of him to lessen the burden of Captain Khadka and to hold the middle order that is getting worst from bad. In the last 7 innings he featured he has scored 52, 13, DNB, 18, 17, 12, and 24. With a not so impressive average of 20.20 according to his standard, Malla has a strike rate of 100.59 which is proving his difficult time of stay in the 22 yard. Some good news for the fan of this amazingly gifted talent of Nepali team is that his last 8 International T20 innings he has started to shine and rise with an average of 19.87 and strike rate at a rise of 110.41. If Malla plays the kind of inning as predicted by International Pundits of cricket, the upcoming tournament is going to is some batting display for Nepalese team and worldwide cricketing fans.
Now my stethoscope is moving towards a player who has been a lone player scoring runs and leading Nepal in every aspect of the game. He is a guy stepping forward and scoring runs in all formats with an equal average of 30 or more than thirty, proving his talent and justifying it. His last 6 innings 21*, 5, DNB, 54, 36, 2, 45* proves his fight and contribution to most of Nepalese win in the cricketing world. He has an impressive average of 36.35 with a highest of 68 and excellent strike rate of 117.66. His last 8 international innings counts 31.42 as his average with strike rate of 112.82. Khadka if gets support from his top order guys would definitely step up the paddle and could score freely in the tournaments to come. A player to watch for in the coming international events is surely Nepal’s captain Paras Khadka.


Finally I am bringing you an introduction of a bowler who has stepped up as a batsman with his hard work and power pack hitting performances. Although his last 5 innings he scored less looking but valuable innings counting 7*, 11, 8*, 3, 14. He debuted recently and has an average of 21.66 with an impressive strike rate of 125.00. A guy with real potential and huge talent, captain Khadka must use him in a proper manner to get most out of him.
Nepal, a team that looks ok in the paper are able to upset even the big guns like Ireland, all that needs to click is the batting ability and they need to cope up to European conditions. The point what I am trying to make with this inspection is to show people what exactly is pulling us backward in the recent exposures what Nepalese team were provided with. All Nepal needs to do is step up in the challenges they are thrown into and batsmen needs to impress to win. Paras and Co has ICC cameras over their performance and the time to click is now.


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