ICC T20 Qualifier 2015: The stage to pursue devastated Nepali Dreams and Smile | Nepali Cricket


Here we come ICC T20 Qualifier 2016 | Nepali Cricket

Nepal, a nation now, is trying to recover from the horrifying Series of earthquake that took place near about 2 months ago. That event nearly shattered every Individual’s goal, dream and brought everyone to hold hand in hand within the country and has been raising a voice of “We Will Rise Again”.  And this will play an important part for the Country’s progress in the upcoming battle of the uprising stars outside global Test nations

As a confident booster ahead of the World Cup qualifier we beat Netherlands in their home soil against our condition. The overcast and seeming conditions of Europe are all new to our bowlers as most of the experience players too are playing in this kind of condition after 2008 A.D. Since then a lot of things have changed abruptly for Nepali Cricket team. The Bowling attack that was led by Mehboob Alam is now commanded by Sompal Kami, Karan K.C and   Jitendra Mukhiya being the spear head of the attack. No Binod das and Amrit bhattrai is available for captain khadka. Hence, veteran Shakti gauchan and Basant regmi has an important part to pass the experience to the upcoming young guns of this fresh looking Nepali side.

As Stated by Gyanendra Malla to Cricinfo.com, “The main aim of this team and each players is to get qualify for the top two spots in this tournament”. He ought to praise his team in order to pursue the devastated Nepali dreams and to bring smile back to the face of suffered Nepali citizens.  At first the practice sessions in India, then the England tour and at the end Netherlands, it has been a very busy schedule for Nepalese team adapting to different turning, seeming and swinging conditions to come all the way after the devastating and destructive earthquake.

A lot of news and reviews are coming from all over the world regarding the preparation of Nepal entering the tournament as underdogs against the nations like Ireland, Afghanistan, PNG, and Jersey, U.S.A. Netherlands. According to Cricket Europe 4,” Pradeep Airee has all ranges of shot and all round hitting ability and Sagar Pun has a magical touch with both bat and ball while his fielding is outstanding.” So they are players to watch out for behind Paras Khadka and Impactful player like Gyanendra Malla.  Sompal Kami is not far from the list of rising stars but captain Khadka needs to use him and maneuver his skills for the good fortune of the country.


From the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar

Book Cover, Sachin Tendulkar’s Autobiography

I recently has brought the autobiography of great batsmen of all time Sachin Tendulkar, I just want to share the most impressing thing that touched my heart it is the book has cream color appearance with Tendulkar Raising his bat in white dress and just above his head in the cover page is this beautiful introduction of book, “Sachin Tendulkar, Playing It My Way”. Yes this is what Nepalese guys should do. They need to learn from the master to play in our way without any fear in mind and attacking mode leading to the collapse of opponent’s wicket and victory uplifting all the Nepali fans.

Heart may be broken, hurt, devastated but Nepalese love for the players are even much more and they are ready with their national flag and national song to support our National heroes. Each boundary will be cheered, each wicket of opponents would bring festive mood in the nation. Team’s loss would bring some disappointed faces in the picture but immediately there would be someone else boosting the team. Status in facebook are ready to flow, cric info is ready to be hang once again, television is ready to be on more than 24 hours with the same channel covering the game if possible. Cricket blogs, website are getting ready for sharing the live updates, getting their heroes pictures and most importantly the pre match analysis Live and Post match Presentation when their heroes would be focused in global cameras.

Devastation could be hurting but playing with super Nepali Spirit would be the medicine to heal all those wounds, pain and tears.  So it’s not just a qualifier, it’s a stage to pursue Nepali Dreams and to be captured in the global event winning millions of fans across the cricketing world.  The countdown begins


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