Batsmen-ship: A missing art dissolved in the Typhoons in Honkong


People of Nepal love the game of cricket. Their love for this wonderful game is immense which actually cannot be described by words. Most young Nepalese play a lot of cricket. In the back yard, the front driveway, the street, in class, in narrow school corridors, and on nasty cement pitches with rocks in the outfield and garbage dumped in the corner. while on this process there must be only a few young lads who love to bowl. Almost everyone loves to bat at this stage even if they are excellent in bowling they prefer to bat. They wait for their batting turn and here in Nepal there is a trend of winning team to have first batting opportunity. Rarely some team might prefer to bowl first after winning. We can just see its result in Nepalese Cricket team. Most of Nepal cricket team bowlers know how to bat. I think it’s lack of proper academic knowledge to young Nepalese lads. It might be lack of proper guidance to them they aren’t being able to know what potential do they have more as a bowler or as a batsman.

You can’t win the match by 11 bowlers similarly you can win the match by 11 batsmen. You need to have the perfect combination of it in order to win a cricket match. Nepal cricket team management should invest in their young guns. Proper academic knowledge is very vital in order to transfer talented one to perform. Yes, Young Nepal lads used to bat a lot in street cricket but the real difference between domestic cricket and international cricket is pressure. There is a fine bunch of extremely capable boys in Nepal cricket batting arena. In modern times, with the availability of statistical data and slow-motion cameras, batsmen get found out much faster at the international stage than they did in yesteryear. Any technical chink in the armor is exposed and preyed upon. Thus, cricket nurseries are set up to varnish and shine raw gems coming through the ranks.


Psychologists are hired, and everything that can be improved upon is worked on. This creates an essential need for good coaches and academies at all levels of cricket. Many Nepalese batsmen burst on to the scene with a good instinct for the game. However, far too often our system is not able to groom and build its human resource and at the international tier their technical or mental frailty is quickly unmasked. Bowlers on the other hand need relatively lesser tweaking and can remain truer to their powers. Unlike the batsmen, their job inherently gives them greater leeway to err and opportunities to redeem themselves, sometimes on the very next delivery. Subsequently, the bowling tank in Nepal is consistently well stocked; it is the batting that is a worry. Again Infrastructure at junior and domestic cricket in Nepal has never been up to international standards. More so, in recent times other countries with greater economic muscle and better governing bodies have taken large strides in strengthening their roots. We can never have doubt on Nepal batsman capacity. Earlier, Nepal used started their innings on a cautious note but they failed in rotating strike and they struggled to break the shackles hence, they throw their wicket after promising start.

Their urgency to get quick runs led to batting collapse. Let’s not get too deep back to history. Have a look at Nepal’s batting scorecard vs HongKong, the day before yesterday for precedent, Nepal’s five batsmen had managed to play around 30 balls and managed to touch double figure but lack of strike rotate capacity they find themselves at pressure and in my point of view tried too many big shots to break the pressure and throw their wickets away. If at least two of five batsmen had managed to convert their start then the target was accessible. So strong strategy against each of opponent bowlers seems very essential for Nepalese batsman at the moment. Everyone is well known about their talent but they are technically backward.

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Separate batting coach, easy communicating environment among coach and player are some of the solutions to this problems. Let us again divert our eyes towards the scorecard Nepal recent match vs HongKong, Nepal managed to hit 14 boundaries and 58 runs out of 111runs comes through boundaries again this shows the lack of single rotating skills. While on other countries from age level cricket batsman had learned to rotate strike but Nepalese batsmen seemed fixed in their crease which created chaos in their performance. It’s a reflection of too many corporate tournaments basically T20’s affecting their long stay in the crease. Hence, it created an unexpected downfall as well as added question marks about their plans in such a dream tournament of hope of millions of Nepalese fans.

In order to go beyond the last nail in the coffin, tie your shoelaces. Get up and battle like warriors with the same die-hard spirit for the game of cricket where fans not only support them but also worship the lord for their each move in Cricket.



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