The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is here


With all the agony of stats as well as records, the cricket world cup begins today with all flares and glories. A colorful world cup for the champion nations of the world, we can define this edition of world cup as a limited or an elite edition with minnows Afghanistan representing the pain of the infant ODI nations.

The drama and emotions are suppose to break the all time records with conditions in England suited for the gunners and bosses smacking the ball all around the parks.

Let it either be the viscous English opening pair or the West Indian big boys; the stage is set and we are ready to have one great show in the elite broadcast of the Royal Cup of cricket. The entertainment level of the world series of 2019 is certainly gonna be one for ages as the photo shoot of the teams captain after they reached England described the changed pattern of the long sofa with few attendants.



The tweets of the former as well as current players regarding the exclusion of the low ranked and less facilitate teams provided a great advert and engagement prior to the marketing of the actual event. So, the exclusion formula worked in favor of the International Cricket Council.

The current world cup that is hours away before commencement is the 12th edition of the global event of cricket. Although , it is the 1st world cup without the test playing as well as associate nations but still it is likely to be watched from the excluded world too.

Amidst of all pain and frustrations, the broadcasters would certainly enjoy the viewership but wouldn’t it be great for people of  Zimbabwe, Scotland, Netherlands, USA, UAE and Nepal to see their national flag being waved at the Oval, Birmingham, Southampton and Lord’s. Imagine the viewership and followers that the short visioned committee of the International Cricket Council would get. It’s not only a set back for the excluded teams but also for the history of the game that is supposed to get expanded and compete with Football all over the world.


Trying to keep every garbage that has been implanted by the superior governing body of cricket and write few words in favor of the world cup, we will look forward to see the young talents like Jasprit Bumrah and Kagiso Rabada to spread their magic as the spearheads of their respected nation. The immaculate line and lengths as well as pin point yorkers would certainly take everyone of us to the early 90’s.

     Similarly, The crisp cover drive of both Virat Kohli and Babar Azam would be pleasant to the eyes. The Du Plesis up and over shot and Butler’s scoop would definitely set the tone for the upcoming matches in world cup. Although the countdown has came to an end and the kick off is just few hours away, the faded world cup is not as exciting as it should be. let the reality be hidden and virtual truth get over the event to a success.

We hope to get more inclusions in the upcoming events. As most of the names would seem missing in the last two paragraphs, the pain is same for the non inclusive nations too, hope we all would get some positive effect out of it. Let Cricket bless all of us and let the super power and all powerful almighty bless the followers of this beautiful game.


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