Sunam- Living his Childhood dream overseas

PC: Bishnu Sapkota & Mahesh Dhimal

Australia is not new to Nepal when it comes to overseas studies in recent times; it is a part of every Nepalese dream as most of the youths after their high school are flying to this mystified land to earn a dream of their life.

As a youth nearing to his 30, I totally agree with our youth flying day in day out to catch their lifelong lessons of living a dignified life. I don’t believe anything is wrong with anyone looking to pursuit their dreams living 10000 miles away from their native land, but how many of us do it actually matters!!

Cricket is a game of mystery and this is a well known fact among Nepalese living in Nepal with premier leagues like Everest Premier League, Dhangadi as well as Pokhara premier league being the kick starts of cricket in Nepal currently.

The cricketing gene is taken forward by the chromosome of Sandeep Lamichhane, who in fact is a Nepalese icon for cricket in the absence of cricketing body in Nepal.


Paras Khadka, the captain of Nepalese Cricket team stated in his interview in the beginning of the month in the end roads of the 1st Premier League of Pokhara as Pokhara Premier League that he was satisfied with himself contributing both as an organizer as well as player in one of the recent leagues of the country.

So, basically cricket is best available in the country and outside because of the two pinnacles in the likes of Paras Khadka and Sandeep Lamichhane with the former carrying a dim torch within the nations periphery and the latter carrying the same torch overseas.

The hope as well as agony of fans is taking a lame cricketing structure forward. But by saying this, the passion as well as following of the game is continued in a wild manner and players are taking their game far too seriously.

This statement is made a valid one by one of the rising cricketer in Australia in the likes of Sunam Gautam, a new Nepali Export quality hitting the heated cricketing market of Australia.

We had an opportunity to talk with a double centurion of the recently commenced BMW Cup which was a n expensive tournament among the Nepalese community residing in Victoria, Melbourne.

More than that he is now known as a first Nepalese resident to have scored a century in Victorian Premier Cricket. One of our correspondents had a chat with the rising star Sunam Gautam, let’s read the full story here.

We would Love to know about the start of Sunam’s Cricketing career and his journey from Nepal U-19 to Australia, Can you please share your start?

Cricket was always in me and it basically started like all others in my home’s backyard. I used to play with my elder brothers of the community after I got an opportunity from one of the regular playing guy who saw me watch every game with eagerness. After that I played regularly and one of the brother named Bivek gave me a suggestion to join Academy and at that time there was an Academy called Everest Cricket Academy where all the national players used to come for practice, so that was basically start of my formal career in Cricket. I would love to thank Arun Aryal sir who helped me to be what I am today.

What basically fascinated you in playing cricket? Who was your role model in Cricket?

As I told you earlier their used to be huge noise in the area where I resided and that noise pulled me towards the game of cricket. All my elder brothers of the community used to enjoy the game of cricket which eventually dragged me to enjoy this beautiful game.

Regarding role model, I am and had always been a huge fan of former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting. Bivek Brother is also my inspiration as he saw that spark on me that I could easily carry my interest into my passion for the game.

What was your birthplace and how was your family status? Did you get enough support from your family back then when Cricket was hardly known to many in Nepal?

It wasn’t easy as a child of a middle class family in Kathmandu. My mother always supported me and never demoralized me, rather told me not to worry if things won’t go as I have planned in Cricket. I always had her back behind me which I think is the main reason for all the energy I still carry in the cricket field. Without any doubt she is my source of energy and aspiration.

Was there any significant game that you played in Nepal? Do you have a memory of that game?

Well, I don’t remember the year exactly but there was one selection game in which I batted alongside Sharad Vesawkar where Vesawkar got 100* and I scored 95 runs. It was a great pleasure to share wicket with Sharad Dai. We were playing national selection game in Kathmandu. I still miss all those excitements and that team of Kathmandu, as a whole. It was golden days of Nepali Cricket with all youngsters coming into the scene.

What is your aim from now on? Are you planning to get selected in the national squad of Australia?

It’s always a dream of a cricketer to play for the country that he belongs to. I always wanted to play from Nepal. But unfortunately there is no proper scouting system to see the performance of player overseas. I am currently playing in the highest club level game in Australia which if goes well is a pathway to get selected in the state cricket which eventually would mark my way towards Australian national squad. It’s not easy as Steve Smith and David Warner are playing in the same league. I am doing my best but need a lot of improvement to get into the national side.  But deep inside I always dream of playing for Nepal and still wish for that dream to come true.

Would you like to share your experience of Everest Premier League 2017? How was it to get back and join the most prestigious league of the nation?

It was a great experience although things didn’t go as planned. I worked really hard for the tournament and I have gone there even before 2 weeks prior to the tournament. I tried to get used to playing in the slow track as conditions in Nepal and Australia are totally different. I didn’t go home rather went to camps but it was unfortunate not to make significant scores in the 2 games I featured against Pokhara Rhinos and Lalitpur patriots. I still want to get back and play

At last is there anything you want to say to our fans?

As a Nepalese residing abroad, I will like to say thank you to all the Nepalese fans living in Nepal and abroad for the immense love of cricket they are showing. Even here people are following Nepali Cricket with all passion so please do spread your love in the similar manner.

Recently we watched PPL and it was a wonderful tournament under the Annapurna and Machhapuchre range of Pokhara. As a Nepali we feel proud to share the development of cricket In Nepal. We pray and wish for the development of cricket to its highest level.

That was such a generous piece of interview that we have heard since a long time.  Sunam and like Sunam there are lot of passionate devotee of cricket who even though don’t live in Nepal but have immense love for the beautiful game of cricket in Nepal.

After hearing it all from the fantastic all rounder Sunam Gautam, I had this amazing thinking that struck my brain, Australia has all this significant for Nepali Cricket, as in an article of the leading newspaper few weeks back captain Paras Khadka mentioned that he is thankful to god that he didn’t get visa to Australia which he applied few years back. Sandeep  Lamichhane got a leap of his career after he went to join Michael Clarke’s Academy in Australia and Sunam is getting into the news after hitting century in Australia playing for an Australian club.

May this relationship of Australia remain with Nepal and Nepali Cricket forever and soon we get chance to get some Australian stars in our premier leagues so that the development of Nepali Cricket would be made to its highest level. Those days aren’t far from being real.





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