The Diversified BMW CUP 2018: A tourney that is offering a lot.


It was almost the end of August when the Director of BMW Educational Consultancy, Bishnu Sapkota consulted his idea with us regarding the commencement of tournament that would bound Nepalese together in Boeing Reserve, Strathmore.

He gave me a date as 9th September 2018 and the game would held every Sunday with a T-20 format taking place with some good names of batsmen as well as bowlers to come out to show this part of world what Nepalese are capable of. Royal Rhinos Cricket Club came up as the organizer of this prestigious cup that is managed by Victorian Nepalese Cricket Association with three matches per day, every Sunday.

We has these details and a little idea of how things would work, we were never aware in our bad dreams that such diversity would get in offer via this tourney to Nepalese fans all over the world. The 1st thing that BMW CUP 2018 offered us was a mystery leg spinner in Sunit Suyal Thapa that delivered for Sagarmatha Cricket Club with 3 wickets under his belt with a mere economy of 5.


Similarly, Roshan Paudyal broke the back of the opponent by scoring Century of 66 deliveries with a strike rate of 172. This was just a trailer before the actual blast as Sunam Gautam broke all the records of the tournament and came up with the double Century which itself is rare in T-20 and he did it with mammoth 23 Fours and towering hits not once but 15 times in that very match.

His inspirational batsmenship led another performer to carry on in the same fashion and another performer in the likes of Sunil Thapa Yesterday where Sunil scored an elegant 108 runs of 56 balls to seal the stamp of yet another batting dominated BMW Cup match.

This tournament has been a mixture of batting and bowling as well as outstanding all round performance with hard hitters providing Nepalese spice in the right manner with fielders giving more than 100% effort and wicket keepers like Susan Gurung adding spark to the diversity that this competition is offering viewers all around the world and making everyone believe that although Nepal might be new in ODI fraternity but Cricket is very old in Nepal.

The platform that this tournament is offering to someone as talented as Kushal Tuladhar who was once considered to be the best batsmen of Biratnagar in Nepal is amazing as well as exciting. His recent innings in the last week when he scored 63 flamboyant runs of 23 balls proved that golden touch Kushal still had in him.

We are in the 2nd half of the Tournament with Royal Rhinos Cricket Club and Sagarmatha Cricket Club looking far stronger than any other teams in the tournament. Other teams are also thriving good steps lately and performers are coming in front in clusters.

Nepali Cricket fans as well as followers could find that cricket is not just the biggest thing happening in Australia but it’s just getting beyond popular in Nepal too and thanks to BMW CUP that the showcase of such talented young players have been justified in a right manner. We are looking forward to the conclusion of this beautiful event in a terrific manner. We are overwhelmed to be a part of this noble cause of bringing all the Nepalese together via cricket in this part of the world.


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