Associate Nation’s lost agony: A note to the ICC


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Cricket is a cruel game sometimes. We are all familiar with some extravagant incident in cricket. But cricket within full membership sides has sportsmen spirit (considering some cruel incident). But we don’t usually notice it among associate nations, it may be because of less attention from spectators. In recent time there is very tough competition among associate nations followed by fewer chances to move forward. Teams like UAE, Nepal, Hong Kong, Netherlands, PNG (much more and list will be long) working very hard since a long time but still couldn’t take themselves in the limelight. They are doing all necessary works within their limited resources. On another hand, ICC is continuously decreasing associate nations quota in every event. ICC decreased world cup participating nations from 16 to 10. ICC decided to provide ODI status to 4 associate nations (decreasing 2 quotas). ACC is also following the same pattern, only one associate nation will take part in Asia Cup and Emerging Asia Cup.

Now tell me what Canada and Namibia did wrong to be pushed four years back? I must say their feelings have been played. On other hand, sportsmen spirit is very rare in associate nation’s competitiveness. I have already mentioned my view on it, it may be because of less attention of global spectators. Ngoche was laying on the ground with watery eyes after a last-ball thriller defeat against Nepal. Forget about consolation from the opposition, even his teammates left him in his worst condition. It’s just latest example, lots of such incident happening in associate scenario every day, just we don’t have any proper source to get it.

Recently with a lot of nail-bitter performance, associate cricket has attracted the eyes of some cricket experts in the likes of Harsha Bhogle. Likewise, some ex-cricketer likes Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting. The difference between full member teams and associate teams is that full member teams play world cup in the period of every four years but associate nation’s every match carries the emotion of the world cup. Seriously, ICC could give maximum top associate sides ODI status and let them play bilateral series among each other.

Sandeep Lamichhane console Pravez after thriller context between Nepal and Canada.
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Sandeep Lamichhane consoles Canada’s medium pacer Parveez after last ball thriller context in last group stage match between Nepal and Canada. This must be among the best display of sportsmen spirit in the associate arena.



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