Rajan Shah elected as creative director of Ruslan DPL 2018


Rajan Shah, also fondly known as Momocricket, has been appointed as the creative director for the second season of the much coveted Ruslan Dhangadhi Premier League (DPL).

Writers and experts are the jewelry of every sport. They are helpful for respective sports to point out the errors and constructively criticize things related to the sports. In terms of Nepali cricket, Shah has developed a reputation to assess the necessary improvements regarding cricket, on and off-field. He has nurtured his pen numerous times for the improvement of the game.

One can read his commentaries and other articles, especially on Nepali cricket, on his personal blog site www.momocricket.com. He is currently working for Republica Nepal.

Shah has now been provided with an opportunity to work for the welfare of cricket from close quarters as a creative director for the DPL.


The Ruslan DPL 2 will kick-off from the 31st March and concludes on 14th April. It is the highest cash-prized domestic tournament in the history of Nepal’s cricket as the winner will get Rs 2.5 million.


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