The WCLC Saga 2017

G. Malla playing sweep shot off the spinner

ICC WCLC 6th round is on the edge of conclusion. Six teams had already completed their 6th round of the tournament. Two teams, Nepal and HongKong are yet to start their 6th round. They will be facing each other tomorrow at Mission Road Ground which is located on Mong Kok, HongKong. Its surely the most crucial and highest platform for any of associate nation so in order to get success here, both teams need to counter various difficulties. Here we will point out some of toughest question which both teams should face tomorrow.

Binod Bhandari dancing down the pitch and seal the ball over the rope for six

To Counter Spin bowler on Slow Pitch sharp eyes, soft hands, and quick feet are the some of the main mantras for the batsman to encounter the spin bowler in slow track. A slow bowler can never hurt you physically but they can hit you very hard mentally. Playing the turning and slow ball on a spiteful pitch needs not only technical art but also need enough amount of decisiveness in a field of feet movement. Batsman also needs to have courage in their shot selection. Being two minded whether to play shot or to have defensive mindset seems the most vital problems of batsmen over the period of the decade. In such condition like Mission Road Ground, the batsman needs to read the ball from the hand rather than reading it from the pitch. Another key technical in handling spin bowlers are playing late. Play it late and let the ball finished it sharpness is being the long-run formula for the batsman to get rid of spin bowlers on a slow track. Batsmen also need to have foot movement, step out and don’t let bowl do any magic or go deep on the pitch and let ball finish it magical. Correct transference of body weight is absolutely crucial while playing the slower bowlers. Since there isn’t any pace to work with, it’s the transfer of body weight at the time of impact that generates power and timing. Playing on the up is rarely an option against spin bowling and hence the weight must go forward in the direction in which you intend to play the shot. The good body-weight transfer also ensures that you hit the ball along the ground and not in the air. Yes, there shouldn’t be any gap between bat and pad but keeping bat and pad together will not be the ideal way to play in Mission Cricket Ground. A batsman needs to have their bat slightly ahead of the pad to ensures that they will not be the LBW candidates.

How to get rid of Nadeem Ahmed

Hongkong spinner Nepal has tough task ahead. They need to face most successful bowler at this venue, Nadeem Ahmed. He is the leading wicket-taker of this venue with 12 wickets on his bank. After some research on him, we came to know that he used to make batsman his candidates on the slip or as on gully or on close field setup means batsmen used to get him on defense so batsmen first need to work on to remove close field setup and then they can play their game. It might be a lofted shot over mid-off, which might get rid of the bat-pad on the offside. And a few sweep shots might get rid of the silly mid-on and he might be placed at backward square or short fine leg. Gyanendra Malla and Binod Bhandari might come good to him as they love to take on the bowlers in the early part of their innings too.

How to get rid of Sandeep Lamichhane

Legbreak Googly bowler. Sandeep Lamichhane inclusion in Nepal spin department has double the strength of Nepal spin bowling attack. In absence of Nepal most successful spin bowler Shakti Gauchan, Sandeep Lamichhane along with Basant Regmi will be the spearhead of Nepal spin bowling. Turning the ball a bit more than expected to get bat-pad dismissals, beating the batsman in the drift and forcing him to edge it to slip, or exploiting poor weight transfer by getting the batsman caught at short cover or midwicket were regular modes of dismissals. As a batsman, it was imperative to look for the shiny side even when facing spinners, for that helped you read the direction of the drift and the arm balls.


How to deal perfectly with Mission Cricket Ground short boundary

Mission Cricket Ground, where HongKong Cricket team is all set to host Nepal cricket team has a comparatively small boundary. It has a 55m long straight boundary where its leg side boundary is 70m long. The boundary at the back and offside boundary are respectively similar to the Straight and leg-side boundary. Batsmen may get greedy by such short placing boundary of Mission Road Ground and try to hit a maximum big shot but in such following process, they have high chances of being candidates of a catch off the boundary. The track in this venue is traditionally slow and now its new made pitch so it doesn’t offer sufficient pace off the pitch so batsmen must generate enough energy or perfection in timing on it to seal it over the rope. So batsman shouldn’t get carried away by short boundary instead they should focus on their nature game. The team can take maximum advantages of short placed boundary if they keep enough wickets in hand till the 40th over.

So both team should fight with these tricky questions and then the team which can answer it perfectly on 13th & 15th October will get the taste of win here on Mong Kok.


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