Why is it special to play at Lord’s ?


What more can you wish for as a touring team to Lord’s if you got a weather of 27 degree Celsius  as well as the precipitation probability of just 10% in the mid-July? None the less, rain god would also have maintained some check and balance to commemorate a special day for two of the world’s contrasting friendship.

Any guesses?  I will stop puzzling all the fans and make it clear to all the scratchy heads right now.  It’s the huge occasion for the history of Nepali Cricket team as they face MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) at the Mecca of Cricket, Lord’s.

 A friendship that marks 200 years in the history books between Nepal and the United Kingdom. So what better exposure could anyone hope for, than to play cricket which is the most followed game in Nepal currently as well as carries all the history  back in England.

 More than that, all it matters is that it will be played on one of the most dreamed stadium that a cricketer born on any part of the planet would dream to play on. But, what is special about playing at Lord’s, let’s found it out here.


After Thomas Lord built it on 1814 A.D., 202 years ago, no one would have ever imagined that an associate nation like Nepal would play against MCC at Lords in 2016. What makes Lord’s so special is its lush green outfield. The Mecca of cricket isn’t just limited to just the lush green outfield; it has the unique slope that most of the bowlers would feel, “wow, what’s the way to adjust the run up out here?”(Source: www.lords.org , www.wikipedia.org )

Similarly, the most sophisticated media box where all the classical commentators had given their point of view regarding some epic clashes amongst the legends of the game. The stands standing tall with modern floodlights, the prestigious balcony and the dressing rooms with iconic memorabilia make any individual feel really special.

The most iconic part of the ground is its long room which has seen all the legendary footsteps from all around the cricketing world. The presence of an individual as a part of the game would be felt on this part of the stadium that leads a player to the lush green outfield.

Nepal is just hours away from making the history of playing for the 1st time in this iconic cricket stadium of the world. As skipper, Paras Khadka has already stated that ” It’s a historic moment in the history of sports in Nepal to lead his team in the Mecca of Cricket”.

It is the best place to display your skills and potential to the global audience that Nepal is accelerating as well as upgrading itself to meet the standard of the highest level cricketing world. As seen in the social media recently, the sun is out as well as the conditions look perfect for a wonderful day at Lord’s. There would be few nerves in the Nepalese dressing room as Sompal Kami, Sandeep Lamichhane, and Raju Rijal is on away along with the veterans on this epic venue.

The clash with MCC at their backyards won’t be easy. MCC has a history and reputation of producing some fine players whereas Nepalese team has nothing to lose after a wonderful time in London till today. They have won back to back 4 practice matches with bowlers and batsmen all on fire.

As Shakti Gauchan stated the local media that he would bow down to the turf as soon as he would step into it as it has been a huge struggle to reach this level of the game.  All the television, as well as internet servers, must get ready to face a record number of viewers as its cricketing mood today in the country. The game is yet to begin but the celebration bell has already been rung here in the localities.

The epic ground would get the love of all Nepalese supporters that are expected to be 10k inside the stadium and millions around the Internet streaming as well as in the television watching their heroes play in the Mecca of Cricket that makes today’s game so special in the history of Nepali cricket. The honor board of Lord’s will be certainly hoping to get some new names as an associate team with all the spirit is marking a new chapter in the history of cricket at the most prestigious venue.  It’s something beyond a dream so it is really very special for every cricket fan in this cricket crazy nation.



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