Kohli: The Mozart of run chase


Yes you read it right; it is the unique combo of music and cricket. What is the best music as a cricket follower in the world? Conventionally people might swipe their playlists or refresh their PlayStation. But currently for me it’s obviously Kohli hitting the cricket ball.


I am not just talking about Kohli dispatching every ball for boundaries rather I am all focused on the defense of Virat Kohli; defensing a normal cricket ball with such elegance.  I, finally feel this is what cricket fans all around the world watch cricket for.



The art of music is not that natural to all natural beings. It has a great significance to individual’s choice. It’s realistic when comes in contact to those hands that have that natural ability to turn those magical tones or notes into a composition which would tear apart any hardness of life. So this is the magical era of cricket in which I feel myself lucky to watch Virat Kohli in his spontaneous flow.


It all began with that final of U-19 world cup in which a heroic captain turned the game for Indians. That triumph led to the beginning of an unstoppable journey that has redefined batsmen ship in the modern cricketing world.


From friendly conditions of Asia to the tough turf of Perth, Kohli has accepted all the new challenges and confronted them with ease. Bat seems like a painting brush and Kohli himself as Picasso who could just draw his imaginations even on difficult circumstances where imagination needs willpower and desire to be pursuit.


 His gem innings in South Africa, England as well as on most part of the world has diversified an arrogant cricketer into the calm batsmen in Indian lineup today. All the way from 2011 50 overs world cup till 2016 T20 world cup he has been a performer, a cricketer that has all the passion to make his country proud and the next man on the planet to deliver that was his role model  Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.


The most superlative batsmen that has transformed from a local guy of Delhi to a world icon who just bats and bats and is a run machine when it comes to chasing the target set by opposition. He has scored mammoth runs at an impossible average over 100 in t20’s. Today he is the script for the unscripted game of cricket.


 It’s just whopping stats when it comes to chase as he just failed once of score below 30 and that is the only occasion when team India lost the match. The way this batsman has transformed from an expressive young hot blood into a calm headed cricketer under the shadow of M.S. Dhoni, cricket has seen some new dimensions in batting.


The way he bowed his head in the match against the arch rivals as a salute to his maestro Sachin Tendulkar; the god himself when it comes to cricket, his maturity couldn’t be ignored. If it continues in this way there would be no record book unturned or revised in the name of Virat Kohli.

And as science has it all  that when you mix KOH(Potassium Hydroxide) and Li(Lithium) you come across an explosive called KOHLI which is turning red hot every game as well as destroying all the quality attacks with some fine array of shots all over the ground.



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